Food Trip

Monday, June 9, 2014

Review: A Taste of Japan in Hanamaruken

Susan didn't want to join in on the photo :(

The Gang is out for more! To fill us up before watching Mr. Peabody & Shermen (cute by the way, most especially for me, who loves history), we are out for a hunt on something that will satisfy our palates. We've already eaten in almost every restaurant in Trinoma but it's a really good thing that new restaurants pop out once in a while, most especially the good ones. We chose Hanamaruken. You could find this place in the circle outside. Even if we have a limited time to eat, we still enjoyed this mouth watering place. I'll say this is the best ramen place I've eaten in so far. It actually exceeded the ramen shop we ate in in Shinjuku, Japan. I don't know maybe our tour guide didn't bring us to a better place. It's really great that we could enjoy a really good ramen shop here in the Philippines. Anyhow, to the FOOD!!!

Look how cute dad is with his present :)
Finally! After so long of not being able to update my foodtrip section, due to schoolwork bombardment, I've finally managed to give myself time to do so. A lot of these post are long over due. I think some of them happened last year. Anyway, this time the Gang is not complete. Men is out of the country during this time (Sad, he didn't take us with him *sniff*) so we ate out with my family, with the addition of Susan, my cousin. We're here to celebrate dad's birthday and it's a really really rare occurrence for the family to be complete because of my sisters' works. We could say that this is a really special event.

After eating and enjoying Romulo's Cafe, I've been really dying to try out their other restaurants so I dragged my family to eat in Thaipan in Thomas Morato. I saw this one when we were having a joy ride because the restaurant we were going to was still closed. Basically, the restaurant serves Thai food, which we could obviously figure out based on the name. I don't really eat that much thai food. I think you could count the times I've eaten in one in one hand so I really don't have any idea what to order. Susan and I did some research before we went there. We've consulted other blogs regarding the best dishes.

Other than not knowing what to order, the ordering itself is a struggle. I CAN'T READ OR PRONOUNCE THAI WORDS. There in the roman alphabet, obviously, but the words..... uuhhh...... so hard. Thai is one of the languages that I'm not really familiar with. The only thai exposure I had was watching A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, starring Mario Maurer (He's such a cutey pie <3), which we watched in mute (There is a seriously long story there that I will not dwell on) so no help there. Anyway, lets talk Food!

Sunday, December 8, 2013


We are back for more food! This time to celebrate my sister's, Catherine & cousin, Susan,'s birthdays, we wanted to try something new. We were surfing the net to took for a great restaurant that we could enjoy and I happen to stumble upon Romulo's Cafe. I was seriously intrigued about this restaurant. It has a homely ambiances that you don't usually see in other restaurants. We actually researched the place and saw that you need to have a reservation 3 days before to get in here. We did reserve a spot for us. However, I'm not so sure anymore about not getting a table when you go there without a reservation. I think going early is the trick. Now, let's explore further our tastebuds.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

So have you ever wonder what baby food tastes like? Cause we have. Every member of the Gang have never really eaten baby food, like Gerber or Cerelac, when we were young but we want to remedy that. We went to the supermarket today to pick up some Gerber. We didn't really know what flavor to choose so we went for the safer looking ones, bananas & applesauce.

Before we begin, I want to introduce a new addition for this foodtrip section. Our very own Gerber mascot!!!!


Sunday, December 8, 2013

HELLO AGAIN! It has been so long since I've updated my foodtrip page. We've been too busy lately with my schoolwork and my sister's job training that we don't have the time to go out and eat but we are back for more FOOD!

To celebrate some quality time and relaxing, we went to Ryu Ramen & Curry in Thomas Morato. Yes I know, Thomas Morato is becoming our home. This place seems to be a hot spot for us right now. So back to the restaurant, I was hearing some good reviews about this place from my friends so we gave it a shot. It's so sad that I forgot to get a picture of us in this restaurant *sniff*.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

HELLO! The Gang managed to find some time together again, after weeks of waiting for my cousin to have some free time. After enjoying a tour in the National Museum, we went to "Cafe Adriatico" in Malate, Manila for lunch. This is a totally new thing for us. We usually eat Persian or Japanese food but now we are going to try Spanish/ Filipino food. We just stumbled upon this place. My cousin was talking about trying a place that serves "Chocolate Eh and Chocolate Ah" so we searched the net and ended up eating here. 

The place itself is quite nice. It has this calm, sophisticated, & old style to the place, like a coffee shop back in the old times, that gives you a nostalgic feeling. The place has 2 floors, the 2nd floor is for smoking patrons. It's actually a tiny place but nice and relaxing. Parking spaces are not a problem because you have lots of them in the rotonda in front of it. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

あらふカフェにようこそ (Welcome to Arafu Cafe)

こんにちわ! 今日のレストランはSM North Edsa のあらふカフェです。
(Hello! The restaurant for today is Arafu Cafe in SM North Edsa.) 

 今日のフドツリプは家族を一緒に食べます。(For this foodtrip, I'm eating with my family. - I don't know if my grammar is correct, just comment if it isn't.)
 I'll just switch back to English because my Japanese is still a bit rusty, after all the French classes that I took. The Gang missed out this time. In today's food trip, I'm with my family, except for my mom. I'm with dad and 3 of my older sisters. Wow, this is again the only time that all 4 of us are complete, mainly because both of my sisters are busy, one having her own business and the other being a doctor. So, after some window shopping and stuff, we ended up having dinner in Arafu Cafe, 3rd floor of SM North.

Arafu Cafe is owned by a Japanese couple. Manami Maejima-san is the chef for the restaurant so it is indeed authentic Japanese cooking. This is their 2nd branch; the first one is in BGC, which has been open for 1 year already. We get to chat with Manami-san for a while and she is really nice. She is quite fluent in English. Too bad I wasn't able to get a picture with her.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

- Special Thanks to Melvin Lam, my cousin, for being our major sponsor ^.^v

The Gang is back with more food! 
After being food deprived for a week, we managed to have another quality time and have lunch outside. Our stop was "UCC Vienna Cafe" in Thomas Morato. Yummy and Expensive! (Ya, I know, Thomas Morator seems to be our main spot right now.) We seem to be targeting Japanese restaurants right now. The past was Greek food. (I'll try to make a review on this when we eat there again)
This is only my second time eating here, mostly because of the insane prices. This is like an off-limits restaurant for us, most especially for mom. However, my cousin recommended that we eat here because he and his uncle have lunch here most of the time and they say it's good. So Voila! Here we are! Well equipped with my cousin's credit card :). 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tokyo Bubble Tea Time

We had our lunch in Tokyo Bubble Tea (Thomas Morato Branch) today. The outside is decent enough with lots of parking space. It's been months since the gang (me, my sis and my cousins) was able to eat out and what better place to celebrate another "outing" than Tokyo Bubble Tea.

This place has been my favorite milk tea shop ever since we discovered it, especially this branch. (Nothing beats this branch at all) Every sip for me is like heaven! This is actually only my second time eating here; most of the time, we just buy milk tea. I just couldn't resist the menu and we gave it a shot. One of the best gambles ever!