I always use this picture for my profiles :P
Hi Kimberly Lim here and Welcome to my blog, Kim's Reading Lounge. I live and grew up in the Philippines. I'm actually 75% Chinese and 25% Filipino. I studied in a Chinese school from kindergarten to High School and now, I'm taking up European Studies in Ateneo de Manila University. I can speak 5 languages: English, Filipino, Mandarin, French & Japanese. My French and Japanese aren't that great because I'm still learning them but I could understand a little already. 

My reading experience hasn't been that long. I started reading when I was in second year High School. Back then, I do not spend my free time reading books. In autograph books, I've always written, "I Do Not Read Books" in the favorite book section. However, everything changed when I met my high school classmates. Most of the people in my class loves to read and their love for books have rubbed off on me. Ever since then, I was very much addicted to reading books. Now, I try to read as much as I can in my free time and try to fit it in my tight schedule in college. 

Table full of Food! YUM!
Other than reading, I love to eat. If I don't gain weight and have enough money, I would eat non stop. I like sharing some of the great places in Metro Manila that actually serves great food which is why I made the Food Trip section. Even though, it doesn't have anything to do with books. I still don't have the time to make a new blog for my food/ restaurant reviews. Hopefully I could update it soon. 

Most of my Food Trips are spent with my 3rd sister and 2 of my cousins. They are my closest family members. 
With my Family in Japan! I miss this!

Other than food and books, I love to travel. It has always been my dream to travel around the world, though, I'm still having trouble fulfilling that. I've mostly been to Asian countries only: China, Singapore, Japan & Hong Kong. In my travels, I'm mostly interested in the sights, history and food, not the shopping part. 

I hope I could get more followers and readers for my blog.