Monday, June 9, 2014

Review: A Taste of Japan in Hanamaruken

Susan didn't want to join in on the photo :(

The Gang is out for more! To fill us up before watching Mr. Peabody & Shermen (cute by the way, most especially for me, who loves history), we are out for a hunt on something that will satisfy our palates. We've already eaten in almost every restaurant in Trinoma but it's a really good thing that new restaurants pop out once in a while, most especially the good ones. We chose Hanamaruken. You could find this place in the circle outside. Even if we have a limited time to eat, we still enjoyed this mouth watering place. I'll say this is the best ramen place I've eaten in so far. It actually exceeded the ramen shop we ate in in Shinjuku, Japan. I don't know maybe our tour guide didn't bring us to a better place. It's really great that we could enjoy a really good ramen shop here in the Philippines. Anyhow, to the FOOD!!!

For our appetizer, we ordered the old fashioned Gyoza (P150). Even if this one is not as good as the ones in Little Tokyo (Duh!), it's tasty nonetheless. I could say this is no joke. Most Japanese restaurants you go to gives you cheap and disgusting gyoza but rest assure because this one isn't like that. Also, can you see how many pieces are there? I think it's worth the 150 you paid for.

On to entrees. Each one of us ordered a ramen. Technically, there are only 2 bases to choose from and it only differs in the toppings. The 2 bases are Shoyu (soy sauce) or some broth they have. Obviously, the broth is more expensive than the shoyu one.

First up, the shoyu bases. Susan, my cousin, ordered Chasyu Ramen (P280) and Cat, my sister, ordered Salary Man Ramen (P280). I didn't like this one that much. I don't know maybe because I tasted the broth first that's why I didn't like the taste anymore but Susan and Cat loved it. I think I wanted something more savory, perhaps.

Regarding the toppings, no questions asked, really. Nothing could go wrong with it. Everything is ok, just choose the one you really prefer.

Next, the broth bases. Men, my other cousin, ordered Spare Ribs Ramen (P390) and I ordered Pot Belly Ramen (P380). You could immediately see the price difference. This dish immediately placed a P100 hole in my pocket (*sniff**sniff*). However, it is still worth every bite. Everything is just so flavorful, not the overpowering kind.

As to the toppings, same as what I said above. The only difference here is the price. It's really funny that Men loved my toppings better and I loved his toppings better. He said that he wanted the Pot Belly because there was fat on it, which gives out more flavor. For me, yes it was good but I hate eating fat so I could only swallow down a few bites of it.

This place is a bit painful to the pocket but I consider it the best, so far, when it comes to Japanese Ramen.

Rating: 5/5

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