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Review: Get Tied to Thaipan

Look how cute dad is with his present :)
Finally! After so long of not being able to update my foodtrip section, due to schoolwork bombardment, I've finally managed to give myself time to do so. A lot of these post are long over due. I think some of them happened last year. Anyway, this time the Gang is not complete. Men is out of the country during this time (Sad, he didn't take us with him *sniff*) so we ate out with my family, with the addition of Susan, my cousin. We're here to celebrate dad's birthday and it's a really really rare occurrence for the family to be complete because of my sisters' works. We could say that this is a really special event.

After eating and enjoying Romulo's Cafe, I've been really dying to try out their other restaurants so I dragged my family to eat in Thaipan in Thomas Morato. I saw this one when we were having a joy ride because the restaurant we were going to was still closed. Basically, the restaurant serves Thai food, which we could obviously figure out based on the name. I don't really eat that much thai food. I think you could count the times I've eaten in one in one hand so I really don't have any idea what to order. Susan and I did some research before we went there. We've consulted other blogs regarding the best dishes.

Other than not knowing what to order, the ordering itself is a struggle. I CAN'T READ OR PRONOUNCE THAI WORDS. There in the roman alphabet, obviously, but the words..... uuhhh...... so hard. Thai is one of the languages that I'm not really familiar with. The only thai exposure I had was watching A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, starring Mario Maurer (He's such a cutey pie <3), which we watched in mute (There is a seriously long story there that I will not dwell on) so no help there. Anyway, lets talk Food!

First stop, drinks. Most of the time we don't really order drinks because they could make your bill really expensive but these drinks were recommended and it is a special day. We ordered their Thai Milk Tea (P95). I can't really say that I liked this one because I think I prefer China or Taiwan milk tea. For me, it was a bit bitter but my sisters and cousin said that it's really good. I don't know, maybe, it's just me.

My sister ordered the Thai Lemongrass Smoothie (P110). Seriously, this drink was really disgusting. The lemongrass was super over powering that that is the only thing that you could taste. I mean yes it's lemongrass smoothie but I think it could have tasted better than that. If you're into strong tasting lemongrass, this is the answer for you.

Next stop, appetizers. We ordered Tom Yum Kung (P340) because I think that's the only Thai dish I know. (Again, look at how cute dad is, serving the soup to us.) In this dish, you could select or choose how spicy you want your soup to be. Our's was mild because a lot of my family members don't like spicy food. I really don't get this soup because it's like sour and spice, pretty much like the Chinese soup but has a different ring to it. I think there was gata. Well, I think almost every dish have gata in them. All I can say is when I drink this soup, I could feel my belly heating up. (Hahahahaha)

Next is Choo Chee Kung and Roti (P195). This is Naan bread and curry. Mom really loved this dish that she finished everything up. We were forced to order another one because not everybody gets to eat it. I do think it's really good. I don't think anyone could manage to ruin this dish. All you need is good curry and naan bread.

Next is Tod Man Kung or Thai Shrimp Cake (P315). I can't say that I loved this dish because I'm not really into these kinds of stuff. I was a bit disappointed when they gave us sweet & chilly sauce for this one. I was expecting something else but it's something new.


The first thing for the entrees is Poo Nim Phad Prig Thai Dam or Stir Crablets in Black Pepper Sauce (P305). You could say that this is my favorite dish. The crablets were super crispy and tasty. It doesn't taste fishy at all. Everything was well cooked and well seasoned. I could say the star of them all. If you ask me what will make me go back, this is pretty much the reason.

Next is the Cabbage Rolls (P235). I wasn't able to take note of it's thai name. This is meat, I think, wrapped in cabbage and swimming in coconut milk. If you like coconut milk, this is a great dish for you. Like what I said above, a lot of dishes are swimming in coconut milk.

Next is Phanaeng Neur Yang or Beef Curry (P380). Curries from different places have different distinct tastes to them. Thai curry has coconut milk (again) in them. I can't really judge this justly because I'm already biased to Japanese Curry but if you like to explore on different curries or if you like thai curry this is good.

Next is See Khrong Moo Yaang or Cinnamon Pork Ribs (P295). I can't really remember much in this dish because this was like ages ago but I remembered preferring Chinese style pork ribs from this one. Don't get me wrong it tastes great but it doesn't match my taste.
Next is Phad Thai (P315). I think this is like their fried rice. You mix everything up and eat it. It's good actually. I just don't like the peanuts in my rice but over all great taste and cute presentation.
Last of the entrees is Pla Lad Prik Sam Ros or Fried Fish in Tamarind Sauce (P318). I think this dish is great. The tamarind sauce adds a really nice kick to the fish. The fish doesn't have a fish smell and the skin was really crispy. One of the great dish for this batch.


Lastly, for the sweet tooth. The Ta Koh Sakhoo (P189). You'll be needing to order this one early because they need 20 mins to prepare this one. I don't really know how to describe this. It's like kakanin in a different sort of way. All I can say is that it's good.

My overall rating for Thaipan isn't really that high. It's not because the food isn't good. The food IS Good. The problem is my connection to Thai food. I've realized in this experience that I don't really like it that much because almost all of their dishes have coconut milk in them and I'm not really a big fan of it. For those who loves Thai food, like my friend's mom, I think this place is a really great way for you to experience Thai food. Also, for those who haven't tried Thai food, this is a great spot for you to fall in love with it.

Rating: 4/5

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