Monday, June 9, 2014

Review: A Taste of Japan in Hanamaruken

Susan didn't want to join in on the photo :(

The Gang is out for more! To fill us up before watching Mr. Peabody & Shermen (cute by the way, most especially for me, who loves history), we are out for a hunt on something that will satisfy our palates. We've already eaten in almost every restaurant in Trinoma but it's a really good thing that new restaurants pop out once in a while, most especially the good ones. We chose Hanamaruken. You could find this place in the circle outside. Even if we have a limited time to eat, we still enjoyed this mouth watering place. I'll say this is the best ramen place I've eaten in so far. It actually exceeded the ramen shop we ate in in Shinjuku, Japan. I don't know maybe our tour guide didn't bring us to a better place. It's really great that we could enjoy a really good ramen shop here in the Philippines. Anyhow, to the FOOD!!!

Review: Get Tied to Thaipan

Look how cute dad is with his present :)
Finally! After so long of not being able to update my foodtrip section, due to schoolwork bombardment, I've finally managed to give myself time to do so. A lot of these post are long over due. I think some of them happened last year. Anyway, this time the Gang is not complete. Men is out of the country during this time (Sad, he didn't take us with him *sniff*) so we ate out with my family, with the addition of Susan, my cousin. We're here to celebrate dad's birthday and it's a really really rare occurrence for the family to be complete because of my sisters' works. We could say that this is a really special event.

After eating and enjoying Romulo's Cafe, I've been really dying to try out their other restaurants so I dragged my family to eat in Thaipan in Thomas Morato. I saw this one when we were having a joy ride because the restaurant we were going to was still closed. Basically, the restaurant serves Thai food, which we could obviously figure out based on the name. I don't really eat that much thai food. I think you could count the times I've eaten in one in one hand so I really don't have any idea what to order. Susan and I did some research before we went there. We've consulted other blogs regarding the best dishes.

Other than not knowing what to order, the ordering itself is a struggle. I CAN'T READ OR PRONOUNCE THAI WORDS. There in the roman alphabet, obviously, but the words..... uuhhh...... so hard. Thai is one of the languages that I'm not really familiar with. The only thai exposure I had was watching A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, starring Mario Maurer (He's such a cutey pie <3), which we watched in mute (There is a seriously long story there that I will not dwell on) so no help there. Anyway, lets talk Food!