Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bending the Rules by L.K. Lewis Excerpt

Bending the Rules Excerpt
“Hi,sweetie!” my mom answers the phone cheerfully. She obviously has put the “happy” in “happy hour” today.

“Hi, Mom.” I do my best to hold back my sniffle and speak in a clear voice, but fail miserably.
“Morgan, what’s wrong?” I never cry in front of my parents, so hearing a sob of any kind is cause for concern for my mother.

“Oh, Mom. It’s all screwed up,” I sob into the phone, while racing around my apartment trying to get packed for a trip with no real destination or timeframe.

“Okay, Morgan, slow down and take a deep breath,” my mom says as I envision her closing her eyes and doing her deep yoga breathing, while touching her thumbs to middle fingers and chanting “om” as she’s done so many times during my life. “Now tell me, darling, what is ‘all screwed up’?”

“Everything!” I continue to sob. “Everything is screwed up. I’ve lost Drake, I quit my job, and now I’m packing for a flight to God knows where, to search for the love of my life and bring him back, only I don’t have a clue where to start, and I can’t reach him.”

“You quit your job, Morgan? What happened? And who is Drake? Not Drake Baylor… Morgan, please tell me you haven’t fallen for a married man.That’s completely distasteful and unladylike.”

“Drake Baylor Jr., Mom. Not Sr. We’ve been dating for a few months now, only he isn’t allowed to have a relationship if he wants to take over his father’s company, so we have been dating in secret.We are head over heels in love,Mom.We went to Vegas last weekend and he told me he hoped to take over Baylor Industries soon, and as soon as that happens he plans on marrying me. Now he’s gone and I can’t get ahold of him.I know something has happened and I’m worried about him.I have a feeling his father has shipped him off somewhere, or he was fired and needed to clear his head and figure out his next move, but either way I have to find him. He needs me and I need him.God, I’ve never needed anything so badly in my entire life.Anyway, I thought you would like to know I’m going to the airport tonight, and will call you when I land, wherever that may be.”

“Morgan, sweetie, I think you might be overreacting just a bit. Why don’t you just come home for a few days, regroup, and figure things out. I’ll take you shopping, what do you say?” My mom obviously wasn’t listening to anything but what she wanted to hear.

“I’m not overreacting, Mom. I’m simply reacting. My life has taken a sudden turn and for once in my life I’m grabbing the reins and taking control. I made the decision to break the rules with Drake just as much as he did. He’s out there somewhere fighting for me, and I need to step up and do the same.”


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