Monday, March 31, 2014

London Bound by Nana Malone Excerpt

London Bound Excerpt
Satiny heat slid across Lex's body from chest to feet. He inhaled Abbie’s ginger and pumpkin shampoo. She smelled so good. She felt even better, warm and soft tucked into his side. Cranking an eye open, he took in his surroundings. Everything in the room was white. From the curtain hangings to the duvet to the wicker rocking chair in the corner. On the bureau were dozens of photos. And on the far wall, he recognized some of the photos he'd taken with Abbie.

Her deep, even breaths told him she was still out. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d actually slept with someone. The few times he’d tried always ended up with a disastrous nightmare.
But with Abbie, he’d actually been able to escape his nightmares. More like he passed out after exhausting himself. He hadn’t slept for more than two hours at a time in over a month. But with Abbie, all he’d dreamed about was her. Guilt pricked at his subconscious.
He had to deal with the Gemma situation. She’d encouraged him to go after Abbie at the party, still he had an obligation. But it was way past time for him to start living his life. Gemma would have to understand. And staying away from Abbie wasn’t going to happen. It was almost as if she’d dragged him into her gravitational orbit with her wit, strength, and beautiful smile.
He picked up one of her slim braids and inspected the woven strands of black and lighter brown pieces as they shimmered in the soft morning light. She shifted in his arms, grinding her hips into his crotch, forcing a hiss from him as his semi-hard dick sprang to attention.
As if they were heat seeking missiles, her hips scooted back into his, and he gnashed his teeth together, praying for control. She was so hot, so undeniably sexy without even trying.
What the hell had he gotten himself into? He wanted her more than he’d ever wanted anybody in his life. But if he wasn’t careful, he’d lose her. He had too many balls to juggle. The safest thing for him to do was to leave her alone. But he knew he couldn’t give her up. He wanted a thousand moments like this. Mostly because he was a selfish wanker.
She wiggled again. Lex continued to hold her and ignored the sweet agony. Fascinated by the contrast of his tanned hand and her smooth, gleaming, dark skin, he stared as his thumb drew lazy patterns on her shoulder. He could ignore it, just for the pleasure of holding her.
Ah, who the hell was he kidding? He was moments away from waking her when she wiggled again. He wanted her. Again. But he'd had her three times in the middle of the night.
His hand rested on her hip and reflexively contracted when she scooted her ass further into his groin. He groaned. “Jesus, Abbie, I'm only so much of a gentleman. You do that again, and I'm not going to be responsible for what happens.”
She giggled, and the sound was low and earthy, like she should do nothing but laugh all the time. “If you want to pretend later that I took advantage of you in your weakened and food-deprived state, then that's okay.”
He grinned. “The authorities will eventually find me in here naked, half starved, tied to the bed, and horny, very horny.”

She turned in his arms. “Now we're talking.”

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