Monday, February 3, 2014

Review: The Sharpest Blade by Sandy Williams

Title: The Sharpest Blade
Author: Sandy Williams
Series: Shadow Reader series book 3
Genre: Adult, Urban fantasy (Fairies)
Status: Series Ended

McKenzie finally managed to get a normal life, no fae, no near death situations, a decent job, a car & an apartment. However, her life bond with Kyol isn't something she could just ignore even if he is another world away, most especially when he is hurting. McKenzie is forced to leave for the Realm in order to save Kyol. 

McKenzie needs to choose between the life she wanted and the life she knows. She could not fight a war half heartedly because people's lives are at stake. Decisions and sacrifices are to be made in order to win the war. Will McKenzie survive to see the end of the war?

This is the final book to the installment. I seriously just wanted to get this book over with so I could already remove it from my shelf but I didn't expect it to be fun. The risks they are taking here is just great and smart decisions are made. Yay for them. The war they are fighting for is finally over.

I can't really say much about the book because it didn't really leave a big big impact on me and somehow everything is overwritten by the book I'm reading right now. What I do get is that, Aren is an asshole for being in denial. Kyol is super cute and hot, most especially when you could read his emotions. My dilemma of the two guys has finally been solved. Kyol is the Winner! I seriously pity Kyol for not being able to be with McKenzie.

The sad part here is that other potential relationships were cut off. It seems that the author only wanted to give McKenzie and Aren a happy ending. Sad about Lorn, Lee, Shaine, and a lot more characters in this book. Sandy you could have given them some happiness you know.


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