Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Review: Angel Experiment by James Patterson

Title: Angel Experiment
Author: James Patterson
Series: Maximum Ride series book 1
Genre: Young Adult, Sci-fi

You may think that humans flying on their own is crazy but not for Maximum Ride and the flock. The flock, Max, Fang, Iggy, Gasman, Nudge & Angel, are six genetically modified kids that have part bird in them and could actually fly. After escaping the School, the lab where they came from, and living a somewhat normal life, now, they are back to being hunted by the scientists they hate so much. Worse of all, they need to go back to the School because they got Angel. 

These kids will need every survival skill they know in order to keep the flock alive and understand what is their real purpose in the world. 

I've actually avoided this book when I read all of the synopsis because the later part was all about environmental saving stuff. I don't have anything about environmental things; I try to save the environment as much as I can. I just think it just sounded lame for me at that time. Also, I'm not a major fan of Sci-Fi. However, I managed to pick the book up and try reading it.

I think the plot is great. It's not your typical angel story since they are genetically modified part-human-part-bird. I think it is really cute that they are a flock and they treat each other as brothers and sisters. Though, I'm still reeling from the fact that Max, Fang & Iggy are only 14. They are so young. I expected them to be at least 16 or something. Overall, I think the story was fine but the book didn't really answer much questions. I'm super curious about the Voice. The sad things about this book is that it's too naive *sigh* and that it changes narration from first person (Max) to third person (flock).

As for the characters, I think they are fine but I'm having problems with some of its characters. I think Iggy, Nudge and Angel are not that keyed in in to their personalities. Iggy, being the blind one, is expected to be much more serious. Nudge, the talkative one, is just weird. Angel, the 6 year old, is just too mysterious for her age. Other than that, I hope Max and Fang gets together. I think they are so cute. Sadly, I'm getting annoyed with Angel.

Rating: 4

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