Monday, January 20, 2014

Taut by J.A. Huss Excerpt

Taut Excerpt

I shut the shower down and dry off, then wrap the towel around my waist and go hunting for a toothbrush in the medicine cabinet. The girl already has hers out, sticking up out of a cup next to the sink. I open a new one for me, then some toothpaste and brush my teeth to chase away the whiskey.

I leave the bathroom and cross the hall to my room and flick on the light so I can find some clothes.

And stop dead.

That fucking girl is sleeping in my bed. Her shirt—actually, my shirt, it says CU Buffs on the sleeve—is pulled up to her neck, exposing her swollen breasts. Her nipples are large and a shade or two darker than her slightly olive skin. The baby is lying next to her, right up against her belly, but she’s also sleeping.

I flick the light off and stand in the doorway, backlit by the hall light.

“I’m awake,” Ashleigh says. “If you need clothes, just go ahead and turn on the light. I’m awake.”

I flick it back on and notice the shirt has been pulled down. “Sorry, I just assumed you’d be in the other room.”

“You said you were gonna sleep downstairs. Did you change your mind?”

I can’t speak for a moment, because it almost sounds like an invitation. I look at her. I mean, really look at her. She’s pretty, but not in any way beautiful or striking. More cute than anything. She has a curvy shape about her. Not so much her body, but her face, her features. They’re not angular and hard, they’re round and soft. Her eyes are large and brown, like her long hair, and they have a slight almond shape, like she has some Asian heritage. She’s small. Tiny really, for a girl who just gave birth a few months ago. She was probably one of those pregnant girls who are all belly and breasts.

“No, I didn’t change my mind. I just… need some clothes.”

“OK,” she says and then clutches the baby to her chest and turns over, exposing her pink panty-covered ass. It’s a stark contrast to the dark blue comforter as it peeks out. I have an urge to slap it.

I laugh at this and she turns back, this time without the baby. “What’s funny?”

I surrender with my hands up. “You wanted me to notice your ass when you turned? Mission accomplished. But I don’t like a tease, so don’t start something you can’t finish.”

She stares hard at me and I feel a little nervous about what kind of reaction she might have. “I’m sure I can handle it.”

I raise my eyebrows but I’m not sure what to say back. I might be at a loss for words. I’m sure I can handle it. “Is that a challenge? Or an offer?”

“Take it however you want.” She closes her eyes and then slips her hand between her legs. I’m not sure she’s doing anything naughty with it, but it’s provocative all the same. “Why are you still standing there?” she asks with her eyes still closed.

“I’m having trouble controlling myself, to be honest. I might just think of it as both an offer and a challenge.”

Her eyes open at my response and then she throws the covers off, baring her legs all the way up to her panties. She gets up and then walks out the door, shutting the light off as she goes.

I don’t let her get more than a few paces before I grab her around the middle and push her face first against the wall. I drop my towel and jam my thigh between her legs. “Open,” I growl into her ear.

She obeys without words and my dick expands to its full thickness as she presses her ass into me.
“What do you like, Ashleigh? You like it slow and tender? Because if so, you’re out of luck. I’m not that kind of guy.” I press my chest into her back and I can almost feel her rapidly beating heart.

“I like what you like, Rutherford.”

She says my name like she knows me intimately. It almost puts me off my game, because I’m not used to the women I fuck speaking, let alone addressing me by my given name. “You have no idea what I like and if I were you, I’d be careful what you agree to. Because I like it dirty and if I decide to fuck you, I’ll expect compliance.”

“Just get me off,” she says in a low whisper.

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