Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Review: On Solid Ground

Title: On Solid Ground
Author: Michelle Kemper Brownlow
Series: In Too Deep series book 2
Genre: New Adult, Drama

Gracie has just survived an emotional abuse from her ex boyfriend, Noah. Now, it's time for her to heal and continue on with her life. However, it ain't that easy to just walk away from an abusive relationship, even with the help of Jake, her boyfriend, and best friend. In every move and action, she is reliving her past relationship and it is coming between her new one.

Gracie promised Jake and herself that she would get through her current situation but in doing so she needs to have a little time to herself and break things with Jake. Gracie has gone back to playing the guitar, singing and writing poetry as a way to boost her confidence. With the help of her old and new friends, it's just a matter of time for Gracie to find herself and face her nightmares.

Despite the heart ache Jake is feeling, he will see through Gracie's recovery no matter what. He believes that somewhere in all that pain, the girl he fell in love with is still there and he knows that Gracie's worth waiting for.

I could seriously say that I love this book. It's seriously better than the first one. Actually, I was panicking because I dont think I could finish reading this book and put up my review before the book tour starts. However, the great story of this book just swept me away. I actually finished this book way before my deadline and much faster than the first one.

This book is less painful to read because there is much less of drama. The last book's genre was leaning more on the drama side than this one and I seriously love it. The drama in the first book was just seriously uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong I love reading romance drama book but I just didn't like the first book's kind of drama that much.

This book is just great because you could really see how Gracie picked up all the pieces and made herself whole ones again. You could see how she surpassed each hurdle, step by step. I don't think I even have the guts or strength that Gracie has. It was like she came back from the dead. This is really inspirational in so many sense. Gracie spends much much less of her time crying now and you could actually see a different Gracie, who is way better. I love how fun she really is.

As for Jake, he actually narrated almost half of the chapters. I was actually scaried that making Jake narrate and show his insecurities would ruin the character for me, like other books. I was seriously wrong! The more and more I read about Jake's thought the more and more I fell for him. This guys is just freaking amazing! Why can't I have a boyfriend like him?!

Also, in my last review I said that no one is helping Gracie at all. Now, all her friends are actually here for her. I'm just so jealous of Gracie for having such a great boyfriend and friends. Don't get me wrong I have great friends but just not guy best friends. I think I fell in love with all of Gracie's guy friends, like Sam, Maverick and Calon.

I'm actually shock that I'm feeling sad to leave behind Gracie and Jake but the journey ends here. I seriously love this series and I think this book is a great closure for the first one. I'll miss Jake so much!!!!! :(
I would like to thank Michelle for giving me a copy of this book and for giving me a great journey and imaginative boyfriend. You've just set my standards higher!!! If I die single, it's all because of Jake. Hahahaha, kidding. ;P

Rating: 4.5/5

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