Thursday, January 2, 2014

Review: The Lunatic Cafe by Laurell Hamilton

Title: The Lunatic Cafe
Author: Laurell Hamilton
Series: Anita Blake series book 4
Genre: Adult, Crime, Urban Fantasy (Vampire, Weres, Witches)

Anita is having problems dating a werewolf. She needs to learn how to work out the extra baggage Richard is carrying. Also, Jean Claude isn't really helping with his meddling in the affair. To make things worst, Anita has a missing shapeshifters case that she doesn't know how to handle. 

Anita is seeing sides of shapeshifters that she doesn't really want to know. Also, it's not helping with her relationship problems. Anita feels like she needs to try solving the case but she doesn't know if meddling in the affairs of shapeshifters is a good thing. 


I didn't enjoy the case here as much as the last one. I don't know, maybe, I'm just a little bit bias when it comes to weres. I'm not much of a were fan, even if Richard is way sweeter than Jean Claude. I didn't like how the author made multiple criminals in the case. This made the cases a bit less important than what it is supposed to be. Also, some problems weren't really solved in the end.

I was still waiting for Anita to do some necromancer mojo but I was just disappointed. All I got is a look in Anita & Richard's painful joining. On the other hand, I thought the author always ends the lives of the antagonist but I was seriously disappointed. Marcus and his female alpha is pretty much alive. I was hoping the 2 of them could just die. Well, maybe that is for the next book.

The whole relationship part is just so wrong. The author didn't really let us see how the relationship went and they just quickly declare their love for each other. I mean I know the relationship won't last but couldn't you have given us more substance or something.

The author seems to have deleted Larry's existence in this book. Not that I'm complaining

Rating: 4/5

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