Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Review: Lichgates by S.M. Boyce

Title: Lichgates
Author: S.M. Boyce
Series: Grimoire Saga series book 1
Genre: Young Adult, Adventure, Supernatural (Fairy)

Kara is still having a hard time accepting her mother's death. She spends most of her time alone doing hikes, when she stumble upon a lichgate. She found a book called the Grimoire that contains information of a world that she didn't know exists - Ourea. The book gave Kara powers beyond her wildest imagination. However, there is a price to pay. 

Every being in Ourea is out to get her to wield the power of the book, that only Kara could read. She needs to learn fast and not trust anyone in order to survive but she can't seem to separate herself from the Stelian prince, Braeden. Braeden has been keeping a secret all his life and he wants the book to give himself another chance. 

The two of them could only trust and help each other to survive. 

I didn't expect to actually like this book. First of all, I have an allergy with faery books. Second, it's young adult. Don't get me wrong I don't have any problem with young adult. It's just I've been avoiding young adult books lately because of the naivety and lack of originality of some but this book is a different story. I needed to finish this book for a book tour and it isn't anything what I mentioned. Moreover, this is my first time reading an indie book, which is actually a good experience.

S.M. Boyce created a wonderful world for us to enjoy, where everything is a sight to see and is full of wonder. Everything is vividly describe that you could really envision everything. I seriously want to live in this world. This is really much like Julie Kagawa's Iron Fae. If you liked that series, I'm sure you'd like this one. I've missed these kinds of story where the character travels around the world. It contains so much excitement that you couldn't sit still.

This is also actually my first time reading a story that revolves around a grimoire. I mean I know about it but I haven't encountered it in a book yet. It's really interesting because you could find all sorts of things in the book which is so cool and it contains magical stuff in it. I mean who doesn't want that? The only sad part is that Kara should have used it more. I hoped Kara could master her magic and kick her enemies' asses, like Gavin's.

Though, the narration is a bit confusing because it uses the third person point of view, it's still a great experience. I'm actually continuing the series which I didn't really expect to do.

I would like to thank the author for giving me a copy of this book.

Rating: 4/5

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