Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Review: Layers Peeled by Lacey Silks

Title: Layers Peeled
Author: Lacey Silks
Series: Layers series book 2
Genre: Adult, Crime, Contemporary, Romance

Allie Green works as an undercover for Cross Enterprises...

However, Tristan Cross, her super hot boss & "boyfriend", just fired her and she doesn't know what to do about her surprise for him. However, these are not the only surprises that they would be encountering from each other.

Their attraction to each other is growing stronger and stronger as they spend more time with each other. However, a dark past will disturb their peace. Could both their efforts save them from the immediate danger?

I'm so grateful to the author for giving me a copy of the second book. I don't think I could have waited that long with the serious cliff hanger in the first book. After getting the book this morning, I just couldn't stop myself and started reading it. A tip to you guys, don't read this book if you have a lot of things to do because you won't finish anything. I have lots of reports and papers to write but this book became my first priority! I managed to finish this book in one day, in between classes!

I expected this book to be disappointing because of all the reviews I've read but I didn't feel that way at all. I think this book is quite satisfying. I love the plot of the story. This was the plot that I was expecting in the first book. The waiting was worth it! The book is all about Allie's nightmares, meaning confrontations and danger, and she is pregnant, more drama! This book is smoking hot like the last one but the author didn't focus that much on it anymore, meaning some scenes weren't elaborated on anymore. I think this is a good thing because it gets really monotonous when it goes on and on. The author seems to be focusing on the story more. Yay for us!

Tristan & Allie's relationship couldn't have been better. It grows stronger and stronger each day. There is no down moment in their relationship, which is a bit unrealistic for my taste, but totally fine. The great part about their relationship is that they always try to surprise each other which I think is super healthy in a relationship and totally cute, or hot.

Furthermore, Allie's breakdowns were the best! I love it when a strong chick breaks down. It makes everything more interesting. However, Tristan's character keeps getting more and more fictional. No one is this perfect! The guy is all our fantasies combined. If a guy like this exists, I hope he is still single. Not much character improvement here, though. 

Lacey Silks managed to keep us hanging guys. The mysterious Tristan Cross is not elaborated in the book. No background or anything but the author did promise us the next book would clear out everything. Only a few more months folks, let the counting begin!

Rating: 4/5

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