Monday, January 13, 2014

Layers Peeled by Lacey Silks Excerpt

Layers Peeled Excerpt
I closed my eyes. I’d missed the dance of Tristan’s lips on my body. The three weeks without his touch felt like forever. I couldn’t even remember the last time we’d had sex, and part of me began feeling like a virgin again. His hot breath still at my belly grazed upward, meandering through the valley of my breasts as he stood to face me. My bottom pressed against the sink as I braced my entire weight there.

A button popped open on my tightening shirt. My breasts had grown the last few weeks, and most of my wardrobe seemed to be shrinking in the chest area.
“I missed you,” he said.
Another button loosened and Tristan kissed my neck. I leaned my head to the side, allowing him greater access, and whispered, “I missed you too.”
Tugging on his shirt, I yanked it out of his pants. “You have no idea how much I want you.”
“I can imagine.” Tristan nibbled on my ear and swept along my chin toward my mouth. He spread my lips with a longing that had been denied for too long. The delicious scar on his upper lip rippled against my mouth, his tongue controlling me like it wanted to learn the shape of my lips all over again. I moaned into him and his response hardened in his pants.
By this time I was done with his buttons, and I smoothed my hands along his naked chest. Somehow we’d been walking and ended up by his desk again. I didn’t remember the details. All that mattered was that my skin was connected with his. His hands were all over me, exploring, tracing, fumbling with my bra until I felt my breasts loosen.
“And I missed these as well,” he said against my mouth, while molding the twins, one in each hand.
My hands roamed his chest and stomach. I couldn’t decide where to touch next, and I wanted to feel him, all of him, all at once. Oh, how I’d missed the field of muscles on his abs! I slid my palms over his lean torso. The white scar over his heart, where Kendra had stabbed him, rippled under my fingers. For the first time Tristan didn’t flinch. He let me caress and smooth over the healed wound, all the while exploring my mouth. The kiss became more fevered and so did my response. I didn’t recognize the desire burning inside me. I had never felt this needy. I mean, I’d always wanted him, and the sex held the gold medal in awesomeness, but this greed aching in my nipples and between my legs was definitely something new.
I craved Tristan’s whole body as if it was on the menu as my last meal. His erection poked against my belly. I wanted him inside me, yearning to feel his stretch and warmth. The painful longing begging me to part my legs and let Tristan do as he pleased pounded in a sweet tantalizing rhythm.
The phone rang. He pulled away from my mouth and pressed the intercom button, saying, “I’m not in for the rest of the day.” Tristan didn’t wait for whoever called to reply, but just hung up. Another click, and the lock on his double door twisted and blinds lowered over the windows.

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