Sunday, December 8, 2013

Review: Romulo's Cafe (Fun way to eat Filipino Food)


We are back for more food! This time to celebrate my sister's, Catherine & cousin, Susan,'s birthdays, we wanted to try something new. We were surfing the net to look for a great restaurant that we could enjoy and I happen to stumble upon Romulo's Cafe. I was seriously intrigued about this restaurant. It has a homely ambiances that you don't usually see in other restaurants. We actually researched the place and saw that you need to have a reservation 3 days before to get in here. We did reserve a spot for us. However, I'm not so sure anymore about not getting a table when you go there without a reservation. I think going early is the trick. Now, let's explore further our tastebuds.

We ordered the Pinoy Nachos (P105). It's taro chips and sweet potato chips smothered in keso-de-bola, kesong puti, onions and tomatoes. I was actually really excited for this one. I mean have you ever eaten keso-de-bola nachos?

This is a great twist for your nachos experience. The chips were really crispy; though, the taro is softer than the sweet potato. The cheese sauce was to die for. This is not you're average cheese sauce that is too salty. The saltiness was just right and the onions and tomatoes blends nicely.

As always, I ordered ox tongue or Lengua (P285). I love the taste of their lengua but I think it could not match up to Cafe Adriatico's lengua. My cousin didn't like the squishy texture of this that Adriatico was able to remedy.

Still it is very flavorful and I loved it, except for the olives.

Next is the Chicken Pork Adobo Romulo Style (P295). I love this dish. It's not your average adobo. It's actually dry adobo, not your usual saucy ones. The chicken and pork was cooked perfectly and the sauce was to die for.

This is a serious must try dish because of it's flavor and uniqueness.

This is the Bagnet Pakbet (P205). It is pakbet sauteed in  bagoong. We really loved this dish. The vegetables were cooked perfectly, nothing was soggy. The ampalaya were not too bitter. The pork & shrimp was also cooked perfectly. The taste was, also, to die for.

This is a new approach to pakbet and another recommended dish.
The next one is the Boneless Crispy Pata (P665) which was a special requirement for my cousin. I didn't really enjoy this one because the meat near the skin forms a grainy texture to your mouth. The texture seemed like it was crushed (durog). I didn't enjoy it.

However, my cousins enjoyed it. Also, my sister said that the skin was really crispy and delicious. 

This is not the actual amount. The server already scoop out
4 bowls for us already before I could take a picture. 

The last of our main course was the Sinigang na Bangus Belly in Ripe Guava (P395). My cousin ordered this one saying that the last time he ate sinigang guava was good. However, we didn't really enjoy this one. For the first bite you could taste the guava. But after that, it disappears. Only the sinigang flavor is evident.

My cousin and sister couldn't understand the taste of this one and said it was really weird. Not one of the best things I've tasted here.

Photo not from me.

Lastly, this is Coolas Cucumber (P100). We almost forgot to order it. Good thing the table beside us ordered it and was able to add it up. I seriously love it. It's like lime juice that has a twist in it. It has a little bit of spirit, like from sodas.

I really recommend you to try it out.

Overall, I think this restaurant is great. It has great interior design and service is really great. The food also could not compare. The price was ok for the food we ate. This is a must try restaurant. They made Filipino food unique, fun and delicious.

Rating: 5/5

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