Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Review: In Too Deep by Michelle Kemper Brownlow

Title: In Too Deep
Author: Michelle Kemper Brownlow
Series: In Too Deep series book 1
Genre: New Adult, Drama

Gracie has finally move to UT Knoxville for Junior Year to be with her boyfriend, Noah. She was so excited to be near him again after their semester away from each other. Gracie is currently living in an apartment with her friend Stacy, while on the floor above them lives her friend, Sam, and best friend, Jake, who were former roommates of Noah. 

Despite being near each other, Gracie and Noah haven't have time  for each other because of Noah's pledging, so she spent most of her time with her best friend Jake. She and Jake formed a bond that she has never experienced with anyone before. 

After Noah's pledging, Gracie expects that everything will be the way it was, more time with Noah. However, the Noah she is seeing now isn't the Noah she once knew. She is seeing multiple sides of Noah that she doesn't know of. The new Noah is breaking her little by little and Jake's help is the only thing that is keeping her sanity. Gracie is falling hard and she doesn't know if she could still be saved, even by Jake. 

First thing's first, this is the first time I've used New Adult as genre. I just googled it this morning because I seriously don't know where to place this book. It has this young adult vibe to it but contains sex, so ya.

Back to the book, I love how this book really sucks you in. While I was reading this, emotions were exploding out of me. I think a good book could get you all riled up. I was equally frustrated and loving the book: frustrated by the stupidity of Gracie and loving the fact that Jake is an awesome guy. However, the down-side to the story is, somehow, the plot. I don't know but I think the plot is a bit overreacting. I mean I seriously don't have any experience on this what so ever but the way Gracie is losing it? I think the author lacked the materials to make that even plausible for the plot. I wished the author could have given me more on that part.

On to characters, Gracie somehow frustrated me. She is too melodramatic. I mean why can't you just do the most reasonable thing and leave the guy? And why are you crying so much? You made the decision so stick with it! The next frustrating thing is the lack of help given to Gracie, other than Jake. People around her are seeing the changes, why are they not helping? Stacy? Her mom? Becki? What are you guys doing? They are some of the reason for Gracie's state. (You could really see how this book sucked me in)

The only thing that really made this book better for me is Jake. I love Jake so much. I think his is the perfect best friend and boyfriend ever. It has been a really long time since I've form this kind of bond with the hero and it feeling freaking great! I just can't believe the patience Jake has for Gracie. I mean if that was me I would have left the girl a long long time ago. And how many shirts did she ruin with her mascara soaked tears?

Overall, the book was fine. I think the book could stand alone with only one book. However, the author made a sequel to it so, ya, more Jake time, I think.

I would like to thank the author for giving me a copy of the book.

Rating: 4/5

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