Sunday, December 29, 2013

Review: Guilty Pleasures by Laurell Hamilton

Title: Guilty Pleasures
Author: Laurell Hamilton
Series: Anita Blake series book 1
Genre: Adult, Crime, Urban Fantasy (Vampire, Weres, Witches)

Anita Blake is an animator. In other words, she raises the dead for a living. She is also the supernatural expert of the police, or the RPIT. Other than being the very face of Animators Inc. and supe specialist, Anita is also known as "The Executioner". She is a vampire hunter, killing vampires who doesn't abide by the law. 

Anita is being drag into a vampire murder case by the Master of the city. Anita needs to find the murderer of the powerful vampires of the city while keeping herself intact. The Master is playing with her and there is no other way but to fight back when someone is messing with you.

I didn't really have much ground on this series because Goodreads doesn't have any synopsis on its books; I just know it's quite popular. Despite this lack of insight, I'm still excited to start on a new series.

I had a bit of a hard time actually grasp the story line because at first I was really expecting a necromancer, not a vampire slayer. I needed to grasp the idea that she is a vampire slayer first before being able to enjoy the book. Actually, Anita ain't much of a necromancer. She doesn't really use her power in her vampire slaying. I wish she could incorporate it in her slaying to make it more interesting. On the other hand, I didn't really expect how fast things were happening. I mean she suddenly gets in too deep with vampire problems without really letting the readers grasp much of what is happening.

I did quite like the twist in the plot. At first, you were expecting an investigatory book but in the end it's butt kicking. Though, it was already hinting to that. I was a bit frustrated about the master vampire. I was hoping she was a bit more manipulative considering her age and appearance but she is quite dumb for an antagonist. I think more manipulation was in order.

On another note, I'm still having a hard time loving Anita. She ain't that tough ass as she is trying to portray. She doesn't really have that much of an advantage to start with. I just hope she improves over the next few books. Still, I love her weakness to penguins ^.^

Rating: 4/5

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