Thursday, December 12, 2013

Carnal by Lola Taylor Excerpt

Carnal Excerpt

He twisted my arm behind me, yanking me against his chest. Pain shot to my shoulder at the odd angle. “You’re hurting me,” I snapped. “Let go!”

“Just relax,” he breathed, kissing my neck. “You’ll forget all about the pain in a minute.” He started making toward the back exit, the one that led to the alley.
“What are you doing?” I said, fighting to break free. I couldn’t struggle much, otherwise I’d risk breaking my arm.
“Getting my money’s worth,” he growled.
I knew exactly how he planned on doing that, and no way in hell was I letting it happen.
Improvising, I brought my stiletto down hard on Davey’s foot. He howled, loosening his grip enough for me to squirm away and follow-up with a kick to his groin. Davey immediately cupped his balls and doubled over, yowling. His buddies laughed behind him as he straightened, giving me a death glare. “You’ll pay for that.”
He started forward.
I backed away, keeping my eyes on him. Great, now I’d really ticked him off.
Looking for something to bust over his head, I yelped when Davey suddenly cried out and let go of me. Tripping over someone’s foot, I nearly fell when my hands splayed against a smooth, bare chest as two arms wrapped around me. “It’s all right,” a deep voice rumbled through me. “I’ve got you. You’re safe.”
I looked up and gasped.
Oh. My. Word.
Two eyes the color of chocolate stared into mine as Hector gazed back at me. His lips parted as his eyes dropped to my mouth, and I swore his heart sped up.
I know mine sure did, right before the most perfect calm settled over me. I’d never felt so safe in my life, like this moment was created just for us. The feeling from earlier, that I somehow belonged with him, intensified, its heat wrapping around me and making me feel safe.

Why do I feel this way with him? I feel as if I know him, but that’s impossible. 

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