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Blitz: Tyler Nitbone by Imran Siddiq

Tyler Nitbone by Imran Siddiq
Publication date: November 29th, 2013
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult

Tyler can Cross into parallel realities. Employed by a secret organization, he collects data about worlds encountered to improve the Alternate Worlds Map. Except the organization have apprehended him, tampered with his memory, and accused him of a crime he can’t recollect. They must have the wrong seventeen-year old? Nope – even Tyler’s friends have evidence against him.

There are rules to being a Alternate Worlds Viewer:
DO NOT interact with the environment.
DO NOT interfere with events.
DO NOT reveal the ability to Cross.

Tyler has broken with one. But which? All of them?

Worst of all he hates his surname: Nitbone.

Chased by the organization, he will Cross into explosive worlds to uncover the real traitor or risk the lives of zillions.

Tyler Nitbone must interfere to undo the interference

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About the Author:
Imran Siddiq may have tried to leave Leicester a few times, but its become his place to wake up to two cats, freeze when the heating’s off and most of all, get down to writing. At a young age, his primary school teacher commented on his creativity and ability to tell stories. At the age of 29, during a night in the jungle, the bug inside awakened, and for the last 5 years he’s been sacrificing every second that he can to write. A veteran of writing festivals, a presence on Twitter and gobbling up all forms of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, he hopes he can bring a smile to others in the same way that he had, aged 5, reading with a torch under his duvet. Imran’s preferred genre is YA Sci Fi, and he has a tendency to throw a droid in every novel.

Do you have that one thing that you think about constantly but it still seems to baffle you?
How can I get done all the things that i want to before the buzz or the drive vanishes. i fear losing the will to write, although I think the chances of that are low. I have a full time job and much of that work follows me home. So, I have to juggle family time, work, writing, social media, drawing, looking after my cats, reading, and sometimes… having a break. I wish there were seven days for every 24 hours. Often I wake up and plan my day in terms of activities… and 99% of the time, I stick to it.

What is something/someone/somewhere that never fails to inspire you? Why do you think that is?
Believe it or not but my cats are my inspiration.
Although they are left alone while I am at work, or left waiting for me to wake up in the morning, they never lose their love for me. (Or I think that they love me). They are always affectionate, playful and have personalities that shine regardless of speech or the ability to tell it like a human could. No matter how down or tired I am, one look at them, and the urge to write begins.

Why YA is the best genre
During the 1990s as a teenager I found very little YA to read, especially in the Fantasy or Science Fiction arena. Most teenager novels were female orientated or didn't reach the levels of the standard set my movies such as Star Wars or the gaping gap left by JRR Tolkien. Sure there were fantasy and Sci Fi novels for the adult market, but as a 13-year boy I struggled to find much to keep me content. And that's why I'm writing YA Sci Fi with young male POV - because boys need something to entertain them too.

Advice for writers of all ages"
Don't think that writing is a past time that you can dip into now and again. Treat it like a job. Make the time to write every other day. Plan it. Do it. Achieve it. If you aim for the finishing line, you will reach it, rather than hoping that you get there. Don't be atria dot give up on an idea if a new one makes you more excited. Even if you are shy, meet other writers online and find out what others think of your novels. Criticism is good. Use it.

You can't build a house out of thin air. You have to make it happen. You want to write a book - then write - and most of all - enjoy it.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? 
Oh most definitely. In fact it’s there on the cover as a tagline. Interfering in anything has consequences. They won’t always be bad, but they won’t always mean good either. Often people say or do something without realising the long term effect. TN is about how he must interfere to do the interference of a previous action.

How much of the book is realistic? 
The bits that don’t involve the non-realistic parts… like parallel universes… and robots… and a certain orang-utan. Then again, maybe it is all possible.

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life? 
TN is an extension of me whereby I always try to help and do good, but sometimes it can be misconstrued and put me in trouble. Poor TN… he doesn’t know when to stop and reflect.

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