Thursday, December 12, 2013

Blitz: Carnal by Lola Taylor

Carnal by Lola Taylor
(Her Dark Desires #1)
Publication date: December 1st 2013
Genres: Erotica, Paranormal Romance

Boy meets girl. Then things get hot…

Sally the succubus sucks at her job, no pun intended. Being a former secretary with no love life to speak of doesn’t exactly give her much experience in the “Hot Seductress” department. So when her Master says she’s not meeting her monthly soul-corrupting quota, he does what any loving boss would do – he sends her to Elysian, a reform school for the “wicked at heart.” Determined to prove she’s not terrible at her job, Sally sets out to become the best succubus she can be. And with her long-time crush Hector, the Underworld’s most infamous incubus, as her teacher, Sally’s even more anxious to prove her mettle.

Too bad no one told her that people have been mysteriously disappearing from Elysian, only to show up as mutilated corpses a few days later. Then she might not have been so eager to go, man candy or not.

When the killer targets Sally, it’s up to Hector and her to put a stop to the evil force once and for all. But doing so may cost them their hearts – and their souls.

Fast, fun, and flirty, Carnal is a steamy paranormal romance that’s sure to leave you aching for more.

WARNING: Adult language and explicit sexual situations. Recommended for 18+

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About the Author:
Lola Taylor is a pen name for my, erm, “steamier” novels. I like books that make me laugh, gasp, and swoon, which is what I try to shoot for in my stories. I’m a sucker for fantasy books, particularly those involving vampires and the supernatural – especially while said vampire is sweeping a gal off her feet. I like horror movies, playing around in Photoshop, and wearing the battery down on my ereader. I have two rescued kitties, and a husband who hates to read but gives me his unconditional support, all the same. During the day, I work in a cubicle for customer service and hash out new story ideas in my many notebooks. At night, I work on my stories until I faceplant on my keyboard. Then I wake up and do it again the next day. I love it. =) (The writing part, not so much the “faceplanting-on-the-keyboard” part.) I love Game of Thrones, reading manga, and have a slight Pinterest addiction.
Lola Taylor – Paranormal Romance Writer
1.     How long have you been writing? Oh, off and on ever since I was a little girl. Though my stories were definitely a lot more innocent. Lol
2.      Where do you get your inspiration? From anything. My best ideas tend to come at me out of the blue. I do set aside time to brainstorm. That way, when I’m done with one story, I can start on another.
3.      Do you listen to music while you write? Most of the time, no. I like peace and quiet.
4.      In your opinion, what’s the difference between erotica and erotic romance? Erotica doesn’t always have to have a HEA or HFN. It’s also more about the sexual journey rather than the romantic growth between the characters. Reading true erotica helped cement that for me.
5.      What’s your favorite paranormal creature? Probably vampires. I’ve always had a soft spot before them, even before the whole Twilight thing. I’m a big fan of Anne Rice’s version, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula.
6.      Do you prefer ereaders or paperbacks? Both! I love I can hold like a gazillion books on my Kindle, but I’ll never get over the feel of a “real” book. I know, I know. Ebooks are real books, but I just love the feel of a book in my hands.
7.      Do you have any advice for aspiring writers? Write every day, and never give it. Always remember why you started writing in the first place. 
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