Sunday, December 8, 2013

Back to Baby Gerber Time

So have you ever wonder what baby food tastes like? Cause we have. Every member of the Gang have never really eaten baby food, like Gerber or Cerelac, when we were young but we want to remedy that. We went to the supermarket today to pick up some Gerber. We didn't really know what flavor to choose so we went for the safer looking ones, bananas & applesauce.

Before we begin, I want to introduce a new addition for this foodtrip section. Our very own Gerber mascot!!!!


Now to begin the challenge. Drum roll please! We went for bananas first. The banana smells really weird. It doesn't really smell like bananas; it's more of a newly opened fruit cocktail. The texture is thin, semi-thick & semi-watery. We each went for a spoonful and it's one of the weirdest things that ever entered my mouth. It doesn't taste like banana at all! It's super sour and tastes so artificial, that I could not even define the taste it was based on. I could seriously say every bite I took gave me shivers. Though, after eating the weird concoction a few times, your brain will slowly trick you into thinking that it does taste like banana.

On to the next one, applesauce. I was already shuddering thinking about what the applesauce would taste like after the banana. Drum roll please! The applesauce does smell like apple for me but for my sister it smells like rotten apple juice while for my cousin it smells like meat in a can. This one is way thicker than the banana. So we each went for a spoonful again. I really think this one is way better than the banana and it really tastes like apples for me. Well it's more of an apple juice taste. However, my sister and cousin didn't like the taste at all. They said that the banana was way better; it tasted super sour for them. They could not identify the taste at all.

Now for our mascot's reaction, Truffles seems to love both of the flavors. Though, he gets this sour look on his face each lick. I don't know if he really enjoyed it or he is just human-food deprived but he ate it, nonetheless. Maybe he did like it.

All I can say for this experience is that I thank my parents that they never gave me this sh*t when I was young. I would seriously not feed my future children this. Why give to a baby what you, yourself, don't wanna eat. Also, I would never do this again.

Rating: 1/5

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