Saturday, November 9, 2013

Review: Wait for Dusk by Jocelynn Drake

Title: Wait for Dusk
Author: Jocelynn Drake
Series: Dark Days series book 5
Genre: Urban fantasy (Vampires, Werewolf, Faeries, Witches & Warlocks)

After surviving the bori, Mira was abducted by the witch who helped them seal the bori. However, she is not who she say she is; she happens to be Mira's biological father. Nick, her father, gave her powers to be able to control Danaus & Jabari. He wants her to control both of them for what he has planned. 

Other than being forced to control the only person who she might want to spend time with, the coven is summoning her to take her place as Elder. As her first job as an Elder, she and the other Elders are to venture out and control the naturi problem. Mira is sent to Budapest, which doesn't have a known keeper & is said to be under the power of Macaire. Mira knows that Macaire has something planned for Mira by sending her to the city. With the help of Danaus, Stefan & Valerio, they traveled to Budapest to encounter a problem other than the naturi. The city has its own coven of magical creatures. Mira and the group needs to clean up the city and find out what Macaire is planning before their enemies kill them.

I love this book. It's super exciting. This one mainly revolves around Mira & Danaus' relationship & Mira's developing powers which are the developments that I've been waiting for. Because of the cliff hanger in Pray for Dawn, I just couldn't stop myself from immediately reading this book. Even if the majority of the plot only revolves around Budapest, it was still great! The best part was the ending. The final battle with Macaire was super awesome. Mira totally kicked-ass! She was unstoppable. I read the ending while in the car and I freaking don't care, even if, I was getting motion sickness already because it was that good! I think this is the best battle yet in the series. Also, I love the power play in the book. I've never been into power plays but I love it in this book. Mira showed them who's boss.

I love the whole turn about in the story. Mira finally has the edge she needed and the author finally revealed the origin of Mira. I've been waiting for Mira to get stronger and now she is. She managed to severe the power that Jabari and Danaus has over her. Though, she is on her father's leash now but I still don't care. I just want to know how Mira will solve this new problem.

On the relationship department, all I could say is that the plane has landed! FINALLY! After 5 books, they are an item! They've finally let go of their differences and gave their relationship a shot. It took Danaus a long long time to finally make a decision. I'm so happy for Mira, most especially now when she lost 2 important people. She needs Danaus beside her because he is the only one she could trust. I do hope that the relationship would just go smoothly and they'll just worry about the problems at hand.

In addition to that, I love Valerio and Stefan. I love Valerio already when he showed he cared for Mira in his own little way but I've never expected to actually like Stefan. He is just so cool. Also, he seems to have morals like Mira & Danaus and is trustworthy enough.

All in all, I'm getting quite satisfied with the series. You could actually see the improvement of the author. I just hope that the finale would be just as great.

Rating: 4.5/5

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