Monday, November 25, 2013

Review: Speak of the Devil by Jenna Black

Title: Speak of the Devil
Author: Jenna Black
Series: Morgan Kingsley series book 4
Genre: Urban fantasy (Demons), Romance

After exorcising the son of one of the most powerful man and him ending up dead, Morgan Kingsley is suspended by the Exorcism Board. She is living with ramen noodles & cheap coffee. Someone is out to ruin her life. She is receiving death threats & severed body parts.

Dead bodies are showing up leading to Morgan, leaving her in the hot seat with the police. It seems that the person after Morgan will not stop until everything she holds dear is gone from her. 

I really like this book. It's the best book yet in the series. Though, this book doesn't really have a connection to Lugh's problem, it's still a great story. This mainly tackles Morgan's internal struggles, meaning her trust issues. Finally! The author is focusing on the relationship problems.

I love the emotional breakdown of Morgan here, leaving her open to Lugh even more. It's a whole new view of Morgan to be having a break down and everybody around Morgan seems to thinks so too. Morgan is getting better and better working with other people. She doesn't have this shitty attitude anymore.

PS: Sorry for the short review.

Rating: 4.5/5

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