Friday, November 22, 2013

Review: The Devil's Due by Jenna Black

Title: The Devil's Due
Author: Jenna Black
Series: Morgan Kingsley series book 3
Genre: Urban fantasy (Demons), Romance

Morgan Kingsley's trust issues has gotten worst after Lugh & Brian killed her father, with her powerless. Morgan & Lugh are having a power struggle and Morgan is too hard headed to let him in, even if it might save her life when she is in danger. As for her relationship with Brian, it ain't going well. It seems that she is seeing another side of Brian and she doesn't know if she could accept that. 

Other than her personal drama, Morgan has a new case on her hands. A demon is possessing someone against his will but Moran couldn't exorcise him because it is legalized. The problem never seems to stop for this new case seems to be connected with Lugh's problem once again. Innocent people are getting dragged into it and Morgan needs to solve this quick. 

Nothing much really happen to this book. A little of revelation on Douglas' plans and that's it. I think the main thing here is gaining or knowing more about Raphael, if he could be trusted or not. The court of Lugh is starting to form, if only they could put their differences and hate aside, they would be formidable. Great flow and story but not much into it. I think the author has been holding back for the last three books. She has this sort of straight way of looking at things that doesn't really explore the full extent of her book. I just wish the author could overcome that and move past her boundaries.

As for the characters, I think Morgan is getting better and better in being a part of a team. She is learning! She is not as impulsive as before and is thinking before she actually acts. Though, still a bit of problem with trust but she is getting to that part. As for Brian, I pity the guy. He is really trying his best. I just hope Morgan could get over her personal problems and stop the heart ache for Brian.

Rating: 4/5

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