Friday, November 22, 2013

Review: The Devil You Know by Jenna Black

Title: The Devil You Know
Author: Jenna Black
Series: Morgan Kingsley series book 2
Genre: Urban fantasy (Demons), Romance

Morgan Kingsley is trying to keep her life as normal as possible, meaning nothing to do with Lugh's problems. The past few months have been hard on her, she discovered that she is possessed by a demon king, her best friend is trying to kill her, someone wants to burn her alive and she is putting her boyfriend, Brian, in danger so Morgan deserves a break. However, she cannot continue on with her denials any further. 

Adam, a demon cop, has been investigating Morgan and her family and it seems that Morgan isn't who she think she is. She now has to deal with her family drama and the horrible things that her subconscious mind blocked out. Other than that, people are dropping dead with their brains fried. The psychopath demon called the Hunter is out for Morgan's blood. She must do whatever it takes to keep herself alive, even if she has to lose someone for it. There is more to lose when she dies now than before.

I could seriously say that this book is way more intriguing or interesting than the first one. I couldn't stop reading it. In the first place, I love the revelations about Morgan. I think everyone loves some mysteries uncovered. Morgan is getting deeper and deeper into the shit that she is thrown into. She needs to keep herself together for her mission isn't for the weak hearted. Also, I'm seriously excited with what Brian will do to bring Morgan back. I think that's what made me read the book non-stop, even if I have classes and homework.

I also love the fact that Morgan is trying to be a better person, in other words, she is much less of a bitch in this book. She is learning to not be an annoying spoiled person. Though, she still doesn't know how to fight which is a total bummer but she is learning the word "compromise" which is a total plus.

I still love Adam & Dom. Though, I'm so not into their BDSM relationship. I'm totally ok with them being gay, which I seriously think is cute, but I'm not into what they are in. I don't find it hot at all.

PS: Sorry for the short review again. I promise to make up to you guys.

Rating: 4.5/5

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