Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review: The Devil Inside by Jenna Black

Title: The Devil Inside
Author: Jenna Black
Series: Morgan Kingsley series book 1
Genre: Urban fantasy (Demons), Romance

Morgan Kingsley is one of the best exorcist in Philadelphia. Morgan lives in a world where demons possess willing hosts to do good in the world. Exorcists only come to the picture when illegal possession appears, when a demon possesses someone without his/her consent, or when they break the law. Morgan loves her job. She hates the demons with every fiber of her being and what better way to do it than exorcising their asses out.

Morgan has a case on her hand on a little girl who is said to be possessed by a demon. She tried exorcising the demon but she was left in a very vulnerable situation. The demon she was exorcising wasn't well restrained. She was almost possessed by the demon of the little girl but something went wrong. She was perfectly normal after getting in contact with it. Morgan then found out that she wasn't possessed because she is already possessed by a demon king, Lugh. The people who placed Lugh in her body is plotting the death of their new king, which means Morgan, as his host, will be burned with him if they are caught. However, it seems that the problem is way bigger than she thought. Morgan needs to keep herself safe for the safety and freedom of all humans but she doesn't know who to believe and count on. Her normal life is turning upside down. 

I was actually drawn to the plot of this book. I was sorting to some of my books and I found this book quite interesting. When I first read the plot, I immediately thought of The Host by Stephanie Meyer, with the possess thing. However, I haven't really have the time to actually read that book but it seriously intrigued me.
I actually like the story though I still needed some motivation to actually continuously read the book. The plot was quite nice, smooth. You won't really have problem with plot jumping or bizarre story-line. I think the only problem here was Morgan, which totally sucks since she is the heroine & narrator. I think she has a totally attitude problem. She is unreasonable & short tempered and she isn't those types of heroine that is funny and somehow loved or respected by the people around her. She keeps her friends at arms length. Also, she doesn't really have any use. She ain't smart or physically fit. She can't really do anything. The people around her are doing the work. However, it wasn't that bad to the point that you just want to hurl the book across the room. It still has a thrilling story to it that would keep you going.

On the other hand, I was seriously questioning whether Brian or Lugh will be the leading guy. I was expecting it to be Lugh but I was wondering how he will be with Morgan, if he can't really spend time with her, other than in her sleep. Then I found out that Brian is the actually leading guy which is totally fine. I really like almost all the characters here, like Lugh, Brian, Adam & Dom.

PS: I'm so sorry for the short and not so elaborate review. School is killing me and I wasn't able to write this review down earlier. I have a very stupid memory which is a total bummer.

Rating: 4/5

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