Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review: Skin Deep by Mark del Franco

Title: Skin Deep
Author: Mark del Franco
Series: Laura Blackstone series book 1
Genre: Urban fantasy (Faeries)

Laura Blackstone has the ability to glamour herself to look like anyone else. She could disguise and infiltrate any institution she wants and she is very good at it. Laura Blackstone is currently the public relations director for the Guild.

Janice Crawford is a back-up officer for the SWAT team. After almost being killed by a bullet to the head, she needs to find out who is after her life. 

Mariel Tate is a hot Old fae who works cases in InterSec. No one could push her around, not with all the power she has. 

All 3 personas are the one and only Laura Blackstone. However, no matter how good Laura is. It's hard to maintain all 3 of her personas when someone is trying to kill her, when someone is trying to start a war between the faeries and the humans, and when someone finds out who she really is. 

I was really intrigued by the story of this book. I was looking through some books in the book store and found this one. It has a really fun story. I mean you don't really encounter a heroine with 3 identities. The story was really refreshing and new.

I like this book. It's more of a political crime type of a story, being under cover and all. I like how great Laura is with her job. Also, she is a major tough ass chick. She can fry you in seconds and spy without really getting caught. There were no dull moment in this book. I'm on the beach right now but I didn't even have a dip in the water because I can't stop reading this book at all. I know it's such a waste to read a book when you're a few feet from the sea but it was just that worth it.

I love the relationship in this book because it's just so cute. The guy is slowly creeping into the girl's life and is not being the I'm going to kiss you so we can sleep together type.

This book is in the 3rd person point of view, giving me a bit of a hard time, but I was able to manage. Also, since this is yet another faery themed book, I didn't really have much trouble with this one. I think I'm slowly warming up to this genre. However, I'm convinced that this is more of a fae book than my last one because they have great powers. The other great part here is the little use of weird words. There were some but manageable. Though, I'm still a bit confused on what the real Laura looks like.

I can't wait to read the next book and find out what happens to their relationship. Also, I hope there will be a new identity for Laura.

Rating: 4/5

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