Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review: Shattered Dark by Sandy Williams

Title: Shattered Dark
Author: Sandy Williams
Series: Shadow Reader series book 2
Genre: Urban fantasy (Faeries)

McKenzie Lewis, a shadow-reader, still can't get the normal human life she wanted. A job offer is waiting for her in the human world. However, with all the problems in the Realm, it seems she could never get the life she wanted. After they captured the palace and killed the former king, they need to get the people to accept the new Queen of the Realm. However, this seems more difficult than they thought. The faes are reluctant to give the throne to a woman because this will break the tradition. The supporters of the former king are making problems by attacking the palace and causing riots all over the Realm. They are short handed in all the things they need to do and some of their allies are putting a nice on their backs.

McKenzie just can't leave the Realm alone with all its problems, most especially now when her friend Paige is missing. She needs to save Paige before something bad happens to her. She would do everything she can to save her only friend. However, when the time comes what would McKenzie choose: her only friend or the new Realm she is fighting for. 

This was something unexpected. I can say that I have the same feeling for this one as the last one.

Though, I'm somehow questioning the way the author used the genre of the faes. I know it seems that I'm complaining or what but I'm just wondering about it. It doesn't really seem that fae at all. The only thing that made them fae is that they are invisible to the human eye, they have a weird language, they can teleport, and some could do illusions. I thought the key point for faeries are their power of illusion but not everyone could do it. I think this is why reading this is totally fine with me because it's not fully fae.

Well back to my review. The events were really interesting. However, I didn't really find an overly adrenaline pumping climax. Nonetheless, still a great story. The only problem was again the ending. The fight was too fast. Also, I would have preferred it if McKenzie would give some time to training herself to fight.

The relationship is moving backward but it has a really nice twist to it. I know that both guys are way too hot to choose from which is why the author still can't let them go. I sure can't wait to find out what happens next.

PS: Sorry for the short review once again.

Rating: 4/5

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