Monday, October 14, 2013

Review: The Shadow Reader by Sandy Williams

Title: Shadow Reader
Author: Sandy Williams
Series: Shadow Reader series book 1
Genre: Urban fantasy (Faeries)

McKenzie Lewis is a college student who wants to get her degree like everybody else. However, nothing about her life is normal. Not only could she see fae but she could track one by reading the shadows they leave behind. For years, she has been working for the fae king to stop the rebellion. The fae world has brought about nothing but danger and nightmares in her life but being in love with the sword-master of the king, Kyol, makes McKenzie reluctant to even leave her fairy tale behind. 

Now, her seemingly normal life will shatter, after being abducted by the rebellion leader, Aren. Aren will tell her truths about the Realm that she wasn't able to acquire even with all the years she has been serving the kingdom. However, will his words and seduction sway her loyalty from the only constant thing in her life?

I'm quite satisfied with this book. It somehow revived me from my bum mode, and it's a FAERY-THEMED Book! You do know that I have issues with these kinds of books but I have none with this one, nadah. Well, maybe the terms were a little confusing but it was manageable. I seriously didn't feel that I was reading a faery book. I don't know if that is good for some or bad but for me it was awesome.

The story was quite nice. It wasn't those types where the heroine believes everything easily and changes her perspective because she was treated nicely enough. I think it took about half of the book to actually convince McKenzie to shifts sides that is, of course, with some proof. I know it somehow gets boring in a sense that you would want to shake the girl and shout at her to change sides already but this is realistic enough to not be irritating. I was so totally waiting for her to shift sides already but it won't really be a good book if you don't see her struggling with herself first, most especially when everything you believe in is crumbling down before your eyes. There were only a few gaps in the book, where I think McKenzie fainted, that wasn't satisfying enough, like the fight. She is very much afraid of killing and of blood which is a total bummer. I wish she could be like Kate in Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews, who doesn't fear blood and killing. The ending was a little bit too fast, as well, for my taste. However, over all Satisfying enough!

It's really so hard to choose between 2 of the great guys, Kyol & Aren. I still can't choose between them <3.

The cover of the book is so deceiving by the way. I thought the heroine of this book would be kick-ass because of the sword behind her back but she is not. I do hope she gets to learn how to fight in the next book. Can't wait to read book 2 :)

Rating: 3.5/5

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