Thursday, October 3, 2013

Review: Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews

Title: Magic Strikes
Author: Ilona Andrews
Series: Kate Daniels series book 3
Genre: Urban fantasy (Vampires, Weres, Witches), Mythology

The flare has ended and life for Kate Daniels, a mercenary and representative of the Order, is back to normal. Or not. There is a member of the Pack who died. Kate was sent over to investigate the death, on behalf of the Order. However, her offer to help was declined by Jim, the head of security of the Pack. Without any choice, she was sent packing. On the other hand, problems keep pestering Kate. A call came from Saiman concerning Derek's break in his house. Kate helped bail him out, with spending a night with Saiman as payment, but Derek seems to be secretive with what he is doing. Something is really amiss with the Pack members, some of them are being MIA, Jim is refusing to follow orders & they are keeping something from Curran, the Lord of the Beast. 

It seems all these problems are leading to one thing, the Midnight Games, an underground gladiator match. A group named Reaper seems to be the one killing the shapeshifters and the one who cornered and tortured Derek. They are some creatures that are posing as human. Everything became personal for Kate after they hurt her friend. However, nothing is too easy in Kate's life. It seems that all the mess happening is being lead by the person whom she has been running away from. After keeping a low profile for years, it seems that everything she kept a secret would come out, leaving her and her new friends in danger. 

All I could say is that this book is freaking great!!! The author was able to compensate for the last book, which was awful. I said in the review for the first book that I hope she could step-up in her next book. Well, she did it. This book is just amazing.

This book is full of adrenaline-pumping, action-packed scenes. When Kate and her team joined the games, it was super exciting that I just couldn't stop reading. I seriously wasn't able to let go of the book. I ended up sleeping for only 3 hours and went to school half drunk because of this book. You could see how good Kate and her team really is that they ripped their enemies to pieces. However, the kicking of ass is not the best part in this book. The best part is that the author finally uncovered the secrets of Kate, her history and growing powers. I was actually thinking that in the first 2 books the author didn't really know which direction she would take, where all the details were super vague, but in this book is seems the author found the path she wanted. You could already see the direction of the story which is a "hoorah" for the author.

On the other hand, Curran seems to be making his move, making the whole thing more interesting. You can't have a good book without some romance. I'm a sucker for romance, mostly when hot guys are involved.

I'm super excited to read the next book :)

Rating: 5/5

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