Sunday, October 6, 2013

Review: Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews

Title: Magic Rises
Author: Ilona Andrews
Series: Kate Daniels series book 6
Genre: Urban fantasy (Vampires, Weres, Witches), Mythology

Death in the Pack is inevitable. Pack members are killed when they gone Loup and every family has a dead family member. Maddie, Julie's best friend, and Margo have gone loup. Their mother asked Kate to save her babies but Kate is powerless to do so. She can't repeat the ritual she did to save Julie from loupism. However, Curran, the Pack Alpha, managed to get a hold of panacea, a medicine from Europe that could drop the rate of loupism. 

Kate and Curran can't continue on watching children die and fear that their future children would be one of the children that they need to bury. An opportunity for them to get panacea in large amounts has come up but they could smell a trap all over it. They need to protect a pregnant woman from 3 packs, her current husband, her father & her ex-husband, in Europe in exchange for the medicine. They chose the best they could get for their team, Keira, Jim's sister, Andrea, Rafael, Auntie B, Derek, George, Mahon, Barabas, Eduardo & Saiman to help them with the task. Even though, they know that they are walking into a trap, the would do anything to help the children of the Pack but it seems this wasn't the trap they were expecting. Everything that is happening to them still boils down to Kate's psychotic family. Will everyone of them get back home in one piece, when a warlord is staring them in the face?

I'm seriously having mixed feelings with this book. It's not that it's bad but I wasn't super thrilled by what was happening. Ya, I got a sleepless night again but it just wasn't enough.

I think a big problem here is the relationship. I knew that the author will eventually take this path where the girl gets jealous with what is happening but in truth the guys is actually doing it to save the girl. I mean you cannot do that to a girl. I would seriously do serious harm to someone who does that to me. You could be a bit more sensitive and try to explain to a girl what you're trying to do, not make her wallow in betrayal and pain. Though, the end result was super nice. This is one of the few books that I've seen the heroine throw dirt at the guys face for what he did and not fall on her knees. The talk she and Curran had was super emotional and heart warming. You could actually see the sincerity of Curran which is a total plus. This is like one of the highlights in the book. How Curran opened himself.

Also, what I think is lacking in this book is blood. I've been noticing this in the last few books that there are fewer blood and gore in the books. You can't take the blood and near to death incidents because that what's gets your heart pumping and it's a good love story scene. I fell in love with this series because of all the action and blood in it. Yes, I know I'm a sadistic person but give me a break, I can't punch someone and hack them to pieces just so they could bleed in real life. Not many books have great action like this one.

In the end, the book is still great. I love how Kate's power is improving and how they are getting closer and closer to Roland. The Pack's loyalty is also a really really nice touch to what is going on in this book. I hate the story when it's forbidden-love type of story when the Pack tries to separate them no matter what. This is usually the case for Were stories and the author didn't use that idea. THANK YOU ILONA ANDREWS for a small reprieve. Also, the book was a bit of a cliff hanger but not like the one where Kate was bleeding to death because she put a sword through her guts (This is one of the best scenes in the series). I sure can't wait for the next installment. I do hope Kate gets pregnant already. I think it would be a really nice touch to their relationship.

Lastly, HOORAY the cover is back. I love the first special edition cover with this same girl in it. It's way better than the other covers.

PS: You need to read the novellas because some parts just pops up in the book without you really knowing what happened, like what happened with Jim & Dali's and Andrea & Raphael's relationship. I have this hunch that Derek is getting one, as well. Sadly, I didn't really read the novellas, only the ones with Kate and Curran in it. I don't really like reading about Andrea and Jim, though I like Jim.

Rating: 4/5

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