Sunday, October 27, 2013

Review: Honor's Splendour by Julie Garwood

Title: Honor's Splendour 
Author: Julie Garwood
Series: N/A
Genre:Historical, Romance

Duncan, the Baron of Wexton or also known as, the Wolf, will get his revenge on Baron Louddon for dishonoring his sister. He planned to invade Louddon's fortress and capture his sister, Madelyne, an eye-for-an-eye. However, his plan changed when a girl came out in the dead cold to free him and warm his feet. He could not distance himself to the girl no matter how much he wants to. His captive might have been the one to capture him. 

Madelyne could never stomach her brother's cruel heart. She has been subjected to his abuse for years. She learned one thing with his brother, which is to hide her emotions. Madelyne planned to escape his brother and live with her cousin. However, saving the man strapped to the post, prevented her from doing so. Being captive to the feared Wolf made Madelyne want somethings she couldn't attain: love, safety, and freedom.

This is actually the second time I read this book. I seriously couldn't remember anything about the story so it was like reading it all over again. It also made me reevaluate my judgement about Julie Garwood's books. I think I may be mistaken about my previous comments and expectations for Julie.

I think this story does have great materials, like the background story of Madelyne. However, I see a flaw on how Julie executes her materials. In the last few books that I read, I see the lack of organization & excitements in her book. Big chunks of her books are focused on useless matters while some parts doesn't have anything significant to tell. Most of the events were really predictable. Also, there is too much bed scenes for my taste, particularly this one. The over perfection of the girls is a flaw. Though, I know pretty girls are very much common in romance books but I think the author should tone in down.

On the contrary, this book has some good stuff, as well. The relationship was a bit more realistic in a sense that they slowly fell in love with each other. They are not like other books that experience extreme-love-at-first-sight incidents. This book also gives you something to smile or laugh about. Still good enough reading material.

I think I would stop reading Julie's books again because I'm not really getting that much thrill in them anymore and since I've finished most of them.

Rating: 4/5

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