Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cocoa in Cafe Adriatico

HELLO! The Gang managed to find some time together again, after weeks of waiting for my cousin to have some free time. After enjoying a tour in the National Museum, we went to "Cafe Adriatico" in Malate, Manila for lunch. This is a totally new thing for us. We usually eat Persian or Japanese food but now we are going to try Spanish/ Filipino food. We just stumbled upon this place. My cousin was talking about trying a place that serves "Chocolate Eh and Chocolate Ah" so we searched the net and ended up eating here. 

The place itself is quite nice. It has this calm, sophisticated, & old style to the place, like a coffee shop back in the old times, that gives you a nostalgic feeling. The place has 2 floors, the 2nd floor is for smoking patrons. It's actually a tiny place but nice and relaxing. Parking spaces are not a problem because you have lots of them in the rotonda in front of it. 

Now, on to the best part, FOOD! First off. We ordered the Chocolate Eh! and Chocolate Ah! because that's what brought us to the restaurant in the first place. Also, I think it's one of their specialties. The one on the left is Chocolate Ah! and the one on the right is Chocolate Eh!

Let's start with Chocolate Eh!. This is actually made from real cacao. I love this drink; it was like the time I drank espresso in UCC. The drink was super thick and chocolaty. It was actually a bit grainy which, I think, is the proof that it's made out of real cacao. I love the bitterness of it. If you're a fan of dark chocolates, this is surely a hit for you. This is great for breakfast or merienda, like a substitute for your coffee or just your chocolate drink in the morning or in the afternoon.

Next is Chocolate Ah! This is pretty much the same with Chocolate Eh!, except it is in a much bigger cup and it is lighter. It's less bitter than the former one. This is great for people who doesn't really like their chocolate drink that bitter. However, I prefer the Chocolate Eh! because the taste of the chocolate is richer in that one.

Now, on to appetizers. This is Sopa de Marisco served with toasted french bread. I seriously fell in love with this soup. It is tomato soup with shellfish. I didn't really know it has shellfish in it. For us, it tasted like alige, the fat of the crab. Don't get me wrong I hate alige but this dish brought out a different side of alige. It was super creamy and flavorful. 

This is Squid Tactics. It's like fried squid with sweet and spicy sauce in it. I was a little bummed out with this dish because I could seriously say I've tasted something better. The squid was a bit tough and the whole dish just tastes like the sweet and spicy sauce you get out of the bottle. This dish is something I won't really recommend. 

Next is the Seafood Crepe. This dish is seafood wrapped in crepe with white sauce. This dish is good but it's something I wouldn't like to eat again. I only ate one bite out of this and I couldn't put another one in my mouth. I don't know how to explain umay but that was how I felt, after eating this. I think it's like you get sick of the taste because of being too creamy or oily and you feel nauseated afterwards. Don't get me wrong. It is good but you can't eat too much of this one.
Now, for the entree, this is Lengua Estofada. It's ox tongue with olive and mushroom sauce. Me, my sister and my cousins liked this dish. For me, I just really have a thing for lenguas. On the other hand, my cousin and sister don't really like lengua but they liked this dish. You won't really feel that you are eating lengua; it's like roast beef. I love this dish. It's so flavorful and the texture of the the lengua is to die for. This is something I definitely would recommend.
Lastly, the Knockout Knuckles, which is crispy pata. We love this dish. The meat was super tender and it wasn't really that oily. Flavors explode in your mouth, the juiciness of the meat, the sourness and saltiness of the sauce. This is actually one of the best crispy patas I've ever tasted.

Sadly, we weren't able to order any desserts. We were actually planning to order some because of their appetizing displays of cakes but our stomachs were about to explode with so much food.

The whole experience in Cafe Adriatico was quite satisfactory. The ambiance was super nice. Though, prices were a bit high. The food was really awesome. Your budget would be about 400 per meal but I could seriously say that it would be worth every cent. This place has dishes that are to die for.

Rating: 4.5/5

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