Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tokyo Bubble Tea Time

We had our lunch in Tokyo Bubble Tea (Thomas Morato Branch) today. The outside is decent enough with lots of parking space. It's been months since the gang (me, my sis and my cousins) was able to eat out and what better place to celebrate another "outing" than Tokyo Bubble Tea.

This place has been my favorite milk tea shop ever since we discovered it, especially this branch. (Nothing beats this branch at all) Every sip for me is like heaven! This is actually only my second time eating here; most of the time, we just buy milk tea. I just couldn't resist the menu and we gave it a shot. One of the best gambles ever!

We started off with our appetizers. TAKOYAKI! This place has one of the best takoyaki's ever, maybe, even the best. (This is way better than the ones in Little Tokyo in Makati or in some shops in Japan - Note to self: look for a good takoyaki shop when I get to go to Japan again) The takoyaki's here have actual octopus in it and there are 2 of them inside. That is really hard to find in the Philippines. This is the dish that made me wanna go back to this place :) The salad on the side is good, as well. Even though I hate mayonnaise, I love the taste of it.

Next up, MILK TEA! Something you should not, I repeat SHOULD NOT, miss out in this shop. From left to right is Taro Milk Tea (for my cousin), Japanese Green Milk Tea (for my sis and other cousin - I didn't include the other glass anymore) and Royal Milk Tea (for yours truly ^.^). These are the large sizes. We love drinking them with combined bubbles (or pearls), small and big ones. I've been drinking Royal milk tea since forever. I don't really change it anymore. I had a few sips from my cousins'; they are good but Royal Milk Tea is still the right taste for me. ^.^v
PS: If you go there around 11am (which is opening time), their big pearls are not yet available.

My cousin ordered some combination maki for us. Believe me, you won't be able to resist them when your looking at the menu. I'm not the person who loves eating maki or sushi because of the price but I just couldn't resist trying some here. We ordered the Great Fuji Roll, wherein, there is tamago, salmon, tuna, unagi and shrimp. Even though the sashimis are thin sliced, they just melt in your mouth when you eat them! (Darn, I wanna eat them again right now! *Drool*)

For the entree, me and my cousin ordered Sukiyaki. To tell you the truth, I almost cried when I first tasted it. It tasted so GOOD! Though, I don't like the noodles they used for it, it is still to die for. This is one of the best sukiyaki's ever! The vegetables are all fresh and crunchy. The beef was a little over cooked, though, but the soup compensated for everything.

My cousin ordered the Tonkatsu Yakisoba. This is actually my first time eating legit yakisoba. I only ate the instant noodles. I didn't really get the taste of it but my cousin said that's what it really tastes like. So who am I to judge :) I didn't get the chance to try the tonkatsu.

Lastly, my sister ordered the Hayashi Beef Omurice. I was a bit disappointed in this one. I didn't really like the taste of it but my sister said that it was good. I think they had a bit of mishap with this dish. The spices in the rice were too strong for my taste ruining the combination. Also, I thought omurice should be rice wrapped in egg, not garnished with egg. Well, maybe you guys would love the taste of this one but it just really wasn't for me.

You should try this place out. Though the prices are not that economical, it's still great food! The budget here is around 250+ for a meal, excluding the drinks. If you wanna have a decent meal, this is one of the places that you should go to. I strongly recommend the Thomas Morato branch when it comes to milk tea.

PS: Don't try their gyoza. It's not good :P

Rating: 4/5

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