Monday, September 2, 2013

Theology Class, My Personal Hell

I just wanna share with you guys my experience in my very first Theology class. 

My theology class has been a struggle for me this semester. I've never been acquainted with my, as you call it, "spiritual side". Even though, I'm Catholic, I've never been to church other than wedding celebrations. My family doesn't practice Catholicism. We're more of a Buddhist & Taoist family. Also, coming from a non sectarian school didn't help my cause. You could say I'm a bit anti-Catholic church, which would not help me pass this subject. 

So this semester, I had my very first theology class which is TH 121: An Introduction to Doing Catholic Theology. During enrollment, I was pre-enrolled in most of my subjects already (considering I'm only a Sophomore), which includes my Theology class. I checked out my professors in a website for professor evaluation from students. I was aghast to see that "Mrs. Favorite", let's just call her that, was one of the worst Theology professor. Not in the sense that she doesn't know how to teach but as one of the bad-ass professors in our school. She was the female version of a legendary Theology professor, who kicks out 90% of his students in class because of the low grades and the school losing the basketball games. Also, she is considered to be a bible fanatic. How am I supposed to survive a bible fanatic professor when I haven't even open a bible in my whole 18 years of living? I was in deep shit. 

I considered having a load revision but I couldn't come up with a good enough excuse for them to approve my revision. 
"Uhm... I can't be in this class because I might burn from what they are teaching me." 
"I don't wanna be in this class because my professor will murder me for being spiritually and biblically illiterate." 
"I cannot be in this class because I won't have a face to show when I fail theology." 
So I guess, I just need to face the devil himself. 

First day of classes came (Dun. Dun. Dun. Dun.)
I was freaked. My first class was theology. I was hyper ventilating then came my professor. She was like in her late forties? She has this frown of disapproval on her face, way before the bell rang. With that expression, I knew I was toast. We did the standard stuff, giving of syllabus, writing out concerns in her class, class rules, etc. 

The first few days of lecture was like a tornado stuck in my brain. I couldn't understand a thing she was talking about and  we were going to have a quiz on Friday that week. The readings were bogus that I wanna rip them all to pieces. I couldn't voice out my questions or concerns because she might see it as "heresy". (Oh, don't get me wrong, she did say this to us after a few weeks, in our group presentation) She contradicts my born again Christian classmate in a very accusatory manner. 

Then came my first quiz, I thought I was writing some good stuff because I actually read the readings she gave us but I was SO wrong. I got an F. A freaking F! Actually, I wasn't really mad about the result until I read my classmate's paper. He got an A and we wrote the same thing but just in a different wording. Yes people, I got an F for writing the same thing. The next few quizzes weren't any better. (I got a 0.5 which is still an F, and 2 more F's) I was completely freaked. I was already failing my class in only a span of 4 weeks. I haven't been doing anything but read the articles assigned to us but nothing is happening, I'm still one with the F's. What's supposed to be a core subject is turning out to be a major subject, in work load and stress level wise. I was completely stressed out that I might lose all my hair. Then, the good news arrived in a form of a C. I was totally rejoicing. I finally found the words my professor wants which is rewriting what she is saying in class. I was able to manage my quizzes after that. I was also able to get a C on my Long Test! WooHoo! (That actually made my day. I thought I failed the LT)

However, another problem arises in the form of group reporting. Our group was supposed to talk about Discipleship. For our first consultation, we were sent out for being unprepared. So we tried to really work on our report and asked for a second consultation. The consultation went really well. She listened to our work and made some corrections. We thought we were good to go but we were wrong. During the actual reporting, she interrupted our report saying that what we are reporting was wrong. What?! How can that happen when you didn't say anything during the consultation? Isn't that the purpose of it? I was actually fuming after the report but what can I do she holds our grades.

My theology class has been quite a journey for me. Even though, it hasn't ended yet, I've experienced a lot already. (which I would be happy not to repeat) I, actually, talked about this because I got a B in my quiz and I couldn't keep the grin off my face for the whole day. (I wasn't prepared in that one at all but I managed to pass it) I'm actually surviving (*tears*). Well, I hope I am. My professor seems to be loosening up and is actually joking with us. I just hope I pass my oral exam. (They say she gives a mean oral exam) I also pray to God (look I'm learning!) that I pass this subject.

Pray for me Guys :)

PS: I just republished this one

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