Saturday, September 21, 2013

Review: Third Grave Dead Ahead by Darynda Jones

Title: Third Grave Dead Ahead
Author: Darynda Jones
Series: Charley Davidson series book 3
Genre: Urban fantasy (Ghosts, Demons), Romance

After binding Reyes and managing to find Mimi, Charley has a new case. She is hired by Dr. Yost to look for his wife Teresa, whom he might have killed. Dr. Yost seems to be too perfect to be even human. Charley, with the help of Cookie, is trying to prove that her client is the murderer. They found out that the man is a control freak. He would do anything to keep his wife in check, even murdering her and her love ones. Charley needs to look for Teresa before she dies (Of course, Rocket helped her with this). 

Other than this case, she encountered the gang who runs the asylum, with the rottweilers. Their dogs are dying and they hired Charley to find out who is poisoning their dogs. 

On a more personal case, Charley is trying to prove Reyes' innocence by looking for his dad. Reyes and her are on the same case. It's a matter of who will find him first.

To top it all off, Charley haven't slept for 2 weeks because whenever she gets some shut eye, Reyes is there, who is still super pissed at her. 

This book is way more exciting than the second one. Again, this book is combining different cases in one book. Though I didn't really like the main case of Charley, which is the doctor, I love the flow of the story. I love how Charley is not sleeping; it makes everything more interesting. I love how Reyes used Charley as a hostage. It was super funny. Also, there is another torture session!!! I JUST LOVE IT! Though, I pity Charley here, all the guys around her (well most of them) are out to get her and betray her.

Mistress Marigold finally made an appearance, just so you know she is a jolly nun. Weird. The people in asylum is funny, most especially Donovan. He's such a charmer. I think he is a better match for Charley. He is so cute. By the way, I officially hate Reyes now, with what he did to Charley. Also, I think he is an asshole, even though, people say that he is actually nice and just showing a bad attitude. I FREAKING HATE.

PS: I hate this cover and sorry for the short review, my mind is just blank.

Rating: 4.5/5

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