Thursday, September 19, 2013

Review: Second Grave on the Left by Darynda Jones

Title: Second Grave on the Left
Author: Darynda Jones
Series: Charley Davidson series book 2
Genre: Urban fantasy (Ghosts, Demons), Romance

This book just has a great cover.

I took me a long time to actually finish this book because of all my schoolwork but I'm finally done with it. The bad side there is that after reading it for a few days, you tend to forget some parts but I'll try my best to share with you my experience with this book.

One week after Reyes' body disappeared, Charley Davidson, PI and Grim Reaper, has another case. Cookie's, her best friend/ secretary, friend, Mimi is missing. She called Cookie to meet up with her but she didn't show up. Charley found a clue by Mimi in the bathroom of the coffee shop. Nobody knows where she is. Her husband Warren is being questioned for the disappearance of his wife. Not only that but multiple deaths are showing up and they are all connected to Mimi. They all came from the same High School. It seems that they are keeping something that happened in HS and someone is making sure that nothing comes out. Charley needs to solve this case quickly before something happens to Mimi. However, it seems that trouble keeps on finding her. Being tortured and almost killed is not at all easy when you have a case to finish.

Other than the case she is working on, Charley needs to find Reyes' body. Reyes' lips are sealed about the location of his body and it seems that the body isn't in any good shape. Demons are after him and he will try to endure until his body gives out just to protect Charley. However, will Charley be able to find his body before Reyes succeeds in his suicide mission?

This book is quite great. I seriously love the detective work of Charley here. This is not the hardcore type of detective genre but it's really nice. It keeps your heart pumping. Though the story gets confusing at times because of the multiple case Charley is taking, it is still a great story. There are a lot of cool scenes in this book, like the torture and the threat to Charley's life. (YES these are the types of events that I love!) Also, there are far more revelations in this book, with her power, Reyes's identity, her family, etc.

I really love Charley. She is just super funny, even if she is this close to dying, she still makes it super funny. Also, she is not the coward type of girl. I think nothing scares her at all, except Reyes. Though I still doubt her attraction to Reyes, considering the time she actually spent with the guy, I still think she is kick ass and smart.

The only problem with this book is that I know this is an adult urban fantasy, considering the scenes and flow of the story but it seems that the author writes like she is writing a young adult book, which totally sucks, considering that I wanna read some urban fantasy right now. I don't know, maybe it's just me but somehow the author ain't in that level yet. Ya, I think it's just me.

Still a good read though. I just hope that I have the patience to finish this book until the last one.

PS: sorry for the short review. I really have suckish memory. I need to finish a book with in a few days only.

Rating: 4/5

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