Friday, September 6, 2013

Review: Kindling the Moon by Jenn Bennett

Title: Kindling the Moon
Author: Jenn Bennett
Series: Arcadia Bell series book 1
Genre: Urban fantasy (Demons, Witches), Romance

After her parents were accused of murder, Arcadia Bell, a magician who could see halos and imps, became a fugitive. She finally managed to settle down, with a fake name, after hiding for 7 years. Now, she runs a bar called Tambuku Tiki Lounge which is open to demons. However, the little peace she had seems to be disrupted once again. Her parents are found out to be alive by the police after they faked their deaths years ago. The FBA isn't really much of a problem for Cady but the organization Luxe, their rival organization, also knows about their appearance and is out to get them. Cady has no choice but to contact her parents but being given a vague answer by her parents, she now needs to look for a way to help her parents from being caught. She went to her organization E.E. to find out that Luxe wants to have possession of her parents or her for them not to start a magical war. Her only answer was to summon the demon who committed the murder and get the answers from it but she needs to first find out what kind of demon it is. She then asked Lon Butler, a professional photographer, book collector (not the regular ones) & emotion reading demon, to help her look for the demon. They went to great lengths to find the demon: living thru a demon attack, fighting off a human assassin, talking to spelled couples, etc. However, it seems that everything that Cady believes in is a lie and she will find that out in the hard way.

I didn't expect this book to be this good. I was expecting another bogus urban fantasy book but I was so wrong.

I love the plot of this story. It has the heart clenching factor wherein, the girl couldn't really rely on or trust anyone (except Lon) because of her situation and it has the adrenaline pumping story wherein, she is a wanted person. The transition of the story was actually smooth that you would just like to keep reading the book. This book has some interesting and unique ideas. Demons have halos. How funny is that? Magicians get their power from electricity not nature. They use saliva and other body fluids (I don't want to elaborate on this anymore) to cast spells. I love it when books don't follow the norms; I give them plus points just for trying that. The best part in this book is the twist in the end. It's not really a new thing (some stories have used this approach) but it surprised me that this was the story that the author was heading to. Maybe, I was just caught off guard or something but it was something I didn't expect or foretell. I won't tell you anything about the ending; you need to read it yourself :P

The love story is quite cute but it's so weird to imagine a 40 something guy (with a mustache - Yes this is weird for me) with a 25 yrs old girl. However, they are still so cute together. I'm not really up for an old dude (YES! 40+ is old mostly for a 20 something girl) but they actually match perfectly. Lon's approach are so funny, the ass and hair thing. (You must read it!) I also love Jupiter, Lon's son. He is just so cute and charming. The sad part here is that Cady doesn't have a great friend. Yes, she has her Cantonese business partner but I'm looking for a more supportive kick-ass friend.

The sad part about this book is that Cady's powers weren't really that elaborated. I was hoping for Cady to use more of her powers to let me understand the whole concept better. 

Other than that, this is really a good read. I'm hoping to read the next book.

Rating: 4/5

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