Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Review: A Cursed Embrace by Cecy Robson

Title: A Cursed Embrace
Author: Cecy Robson
Series: Weird Girls series book 2
Genre: Urban fantasy (Demons, Witches, Weres, Vampires)

This series never disappoints me.

Celia and her sisters' weirdness has been out after the problems with the vampires. They are having a good time with their wolves but mayhem can't seem to leave them alone: an exploding corpse of a were raccoon was found on the door steps of their house, Taran can't seem to stop having nightmares & people are disappearing and mutilated bodies are being found. The wolves are trying to figure out the source of this mayhem and they think these are the work of Demons. The demon is trying to breed his children by impregnating the women he caught. The whole gang tried to get to the bottom of things and summoned the demon to kill it. However, it seems that the problem is much bigger than they think. A new alliances has been formed and it seems that every supernatural is the target. Other than their normal save the world thing, Celia is having some major crisis. The Elders won't accept her relationship with Aric. It seems that no matter how much they love each other, circumstances won't let them have a happy life together. 

I absolutely love this series. I was thinking that this won't be a good one because of the "we're against your relationship" cliche story line but I was so wrong. It's like the book is jam-packed with multiple climaxes that you just can't put the book down. (Just like the first book actually) There is pain and gore inflicted in most characters that made it so cool. (Yes, I'm weird that way) A good book needs some pain in it to get your blood pumping and the couple to have more intimate and cute moments, when they are taking care of each other. Other than that, their are a few funny moments in the book that actually made me laugh out loud. (Thankfully I was at home) It hard to find a book with good humor. The other sisters are also doing well with their wolves: Taran managed to sleep with Gemini, Liam is still cute and protective of Emme & Shayne and Koda's relationship seems to be moving to the next step.

The only downside to this book is the "punch-line", if you may call it? I was a bit weirded out by the alliance killing most of the were's and vamps, which is actually the cause of Celia and Aric's break-up. It seems so sudden for it to happen without them knowing about it, but other than that everything is just so cool.

I love how caring and relax Aric is in this book. It's like seeing a new side of him. Too bad Misha wasn't seen much, other than saving Celia, which is so hot! I'm still TEAM MISHA! Though, Aric and Celia are really cute together. I'm torn between the 2 hot guys. The ending was a cliff hanger though. (I won't spoil you what the ending is, because it's awesome) I just can't wait for the 3rd book. Also, have I mentioned how cool the cover is. :)

Rating: 5/5

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