Monday, September 9, 2013

Review: Binding the Shadows by Jenn Bennett

Title: Binding the Shadows
Author: Jenn Bennett
Series: Arcadia Bell series book 3
Genre: Urban fantasy (Demons, Witches), Romance


Arcadia, or Cady, has finally managed to use her Moonchild powers. Under Dare's employment (or blackmail), Cady and Lon was on a mission to catch David, a Hellfire Club member whose powers went into overdrive, but they managed to kill him by accident with Cady's Moonchild powers. After their failure, Dare went out of his mind with anger, making Cady speak out and quit her "job". After that, problems keep finding their way in Cady's life; she got robbed by super powered demons. It seems that she just couldn't let go of this case of demons with super powered knack. Other than this, problems keep coming into her life: Lon's in laws and ex-wife are in town, Kar Yee, her best friend, got hurt in the robbery, something is wrong with her powers, her mother is alive and trying to control her, she can't keep her secrets anymore, etc. Everything in her life is going down hill.

I love this book, most especially the ending. The first few parts were boring though, because they weren't really making progress with the investigation. What excited me was how Cady's powers were progressing and what it's doing to her. I know I bitched about her not showing her powers in the last two books but now, I think I just ate my words. She could do anything. I MEAN ANYTHING! She can teleport, stop time, create binding spells with her mind, etc. Nearing the end, they weren't really solving the case of the elixir; they were trying to figure out their personal issues, with Lon's ex-wife and Cady's new ability and threat to the people she loves. These few parts were the best. Too bad I can't tell you guys anything because it would just ruin the whole book for you but you've got to read this damn book. (I know I'm swearing a lot in this post but I just can't help it!) I can only say that I love the love story and the violence. (YES People! There is violence!) On the other hand, I mentioned that they don't have the relationship testing yet. I was wrong again. They do have a test but it's not really a third party. (Another secret!) This author just blows me away. I couldn't predict her writing at all, which is super awesome.

I was quite shock with Cady in this book though. She seems super hot headed. I don't know if she is really like that or it's because of her "condition". Well, it's still better for me. When she's mad, everything gets exciting and dead. >:) Don't forget how cute Lon is. He is just so cute and protective.

Oh ya, Priya is back. He is so cute ^.^. I think Jupe is having some competition. Hahahaha.

Favorite Quote:
"Your my favorite person" - this may seem like the worst line for a romance book but it's just super cute for me. -^.^-

I don't know if I could wait until 2014. I need to know what happens next!!!!!

Rating: 5/5

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