Sunday, September 22, 2013

Coffee Time in UCC

- Special Thanks to Melvin Lam, my cousin, for being our major sponsor ^.^v

The Gang is back with more food! 
After being food deprived for a week, we managed to have another quality time and have lunch outside. Our stop was "UCC Vienna Cafe" in Thomas Morato. Yummy and Expensive! (Ya, I know, Thomas Morator seems to be our main spot right now.) We seem to be targeting Japanese restaurants right now. The past was Greek food. (I'll try to make a review on this when we eat there again)
This is only my second time eating here, mostly because of the insane prices. This is like an off-limits restaurant for us, most especially for mom. However, my cousin recommended that we eat here because he and his uncle have lunch here most of the time and they say it's good. So Voila! Here we are! Well equipped with my cousin's credit card :).

We started off with our drinks. My cousin ordered Strawberries and Cream Cooler. My cousin has this thing for cherry and strawberry flavored food <3. It was quite good. It doesn't taste like the normal strawberry flavored drink we usually order. It's like drinking milkshake with Hershey's strawberry flavored syrup (I think.). It was super creamy. This is really a treat for someone who has a thing for strawberries, like my cousin.

Next up is my Espresso. This is my first ever Espresso. (Look how cute it is!) I seriously don't know how to drink Espresso and none of my cousins or sister knows how to. I don't think you add sugar or anything to it because that is the point of the overly concentrated cup of coffee. With courage of steel, I sipped the brown concoction and it is one of the best things I've ever drank. I have this dream of managing to drink coffee black and this tiny cup fulfilled it for me. If you're a strong coffee drinker, this is something that you need to try. You could actually taste the bitterness of the roasted coffee and smell its great aroma which is the whole point of coffee for me. My sister didn't like it that much and insisted on putting some sugar. However, I could not do that to something this good. It's like murdering a good cup of coffee. 

For the entrée, my cousin ordered the Japanese Seafood Spaghetti Soup. I love this stuff!!! I never expected you could make spaghetti into a soup. The person who invented this dish is a genius. The soup is super tasty. It doesn't really taste like spaghetti but it still matches the description. I think they freshly made the soup from tomatoes. If I'm wrong and it came from a can, I would love to buy a whole box of this thing. The pasta was evenly cooked, as well as, the seafood. Everything just complements each other.

Next up is Teriyaki Chicken Rice Casserole for my cousin. I didn't order this because I thought "Aww. It's Teriyaki again that's like the only thing I eat in Japanese restaurants" but that is one of my biggest mistakes. This thing is FREAKING GOOD! The rice, with cheese and white sauce, was so creamy that it melts in your mouth. The chicken was so tasty that flavor explodes in your mouth. Everything complemented each other, the creamy rice with the very tasty chicken. This is actually my first time eating a casserole. I don't even know what a casserole is but this dish converted me. Also, it may look small but when your actually eating it already, you'll be so full when you reach about 1/2 of it.

My sister ordered the Seafood Rice Casserole. It's actually the same with the teriyaki chicken rice casserole only this has seafood. The seafood is well cooked. Most of the time, when you order seafood in a restaurant, it's either not fresh or badly cooked but this stuff is great. It's also good but I think nothing could top off the teriyaki chicken rice casserole. I know I'm being biased right now. Hahahaha!

I ordered the Seafood Omurice. I've been craving omurice ever since we started eating in Bubble Tea. This dish is great, as well. The egg was super fluffy. The mushroom sauteed in red sauce was super tasty, though, my sister said that it was super sour. For me, it was a really nice combination to the rice and egg. I didn't really taste anything from the rice. It only has this creamy, sticky texture to it which is actually good. Again, the seafood was well cooked. Though, this is good, I would still have loved to order the Teriyaki Chicken Rice Casserole. (I know, I need to get over it!)

Lastly, for our dessert, we ordered the Mixed Berries French Toast Tower. I actually have this thing for french toast. I love how my sister (not the one I'm with in the picture) makes french toast, with lots and lots of cinnamon. I could eat, like 7 of it without feeling nauseous. I was somehow disappointed in this dish. I could actually smell the oil they used to fry this thing which is unappetizing. However, the combination of the blueberry, ice cream and whipped cream countered that. I loved the combination of the 3. I don't really blame UCC for having crappy french toast because I can't remember a time when I actually enjoyed french toast from a restaurant. I think I'm too biased with my sister's special french toast.

All I could say is that, UCC is actually good at combining different flavors to form a new one. The whole experience was satisfying enough but the hole it made in my cousin's pocket is not at all good. Your budget here should be at least 350 for a meal, excluding drinks. It is good but I think I could find cheaper stuff in other restaurant. However, it's still a whole new experience.

Still, Thanks Men for a Great meal! :)

Rating: 4.5/ 5

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