Saturday, August 31, 2013

Review: Wander Dust by Michelle Warren

Title: Wander Dust
Author: Michelle Warren
Series: Seraphina Parrish Trilogy book 1
Genre: YA, Supernatural, Boarding-school

My friend recommended this book and I just downloaded it from Amazon and started reading it.

This book is about Sera, a wanderer, trying to find her mother through her bracelet. She jumps from one past to the other to look for relics that would bring her closer to her dead mother. However, there is a gang after her and Sera doesn't know who they are and why they are after her.

So I started reading this book without any idea what so ever. At first, I thought it's a faerie book because of the fire scene but sadly it isn't. (though I don't like faerie themed books that much) These people have the power to time travel. Seriously, I love traveling and history and all but what kind of a lame power is that. What do you do with it? (seriously) That is disappointing. The author didn't even try to establish the importance of their powers. I mean you could at least tell the readers the importance of it. Next are the Protectors. They are freaking weak and useless. Don't they bring weapons or something knowing that an evil gang is actually trying to kill you guys? How stupid could you get? Fight and think with your fists. What is this a street fight? Next are the Seers. They somehow suck too. They only see what is inside the relic. Can't they do something more? They are a bunch of weaklings.

I'm so disappointed with this book. The story wasn't put together well. There are a lot of weird things in it. The character doesn't even know much about her power and then she went hero in a few pages. How bizarre is that. She could have stayed longer and try to explain to the readers more about their world. It was also so predictable that the guy is not dating the other girl but is really in love with Sera and that by the end everything will clear out and they end up being together. (so cliche)

Also, I didn't even feel that I've already reached the climax. I only knew about it when I checked the page I'm in. I wasn't captured by the climax at all.

There will be no favorite quotes here but only the worst quotes ever.
- "If I had to lead me to my deepest desire, I know it would always be a direct path to you."
- "Being able to start it with my Seraphina, my angel from the painting"
These are one of the cheesiest / corniest line I've ever read.

This book isn't that great but I sure hope I get the chance to read the sequel.

PS: Sorry for the multiple negative comments. I think I'm cooling off some steam

Rating: 3/5

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