Friday, August 30, 2013

Review: Sealed with a Curse by Cecy Robson

Title: Sealed with a Curse
Author: Cecy Robson
Series: Weird Girls series book 1
Genre: Urban fantasy (Demons, Witches, Weres, Vampires)

I love this book. It was a good decision not to drop it because of the suckish novella.

The book is mainly about four sisters, who have unique powers that was bestowed to them by a curse. After living a hard life, as outcast both to the human and supernatural world, they finally settled down in the town of Tahoe. However, no matter how much they avoid it, the supernatural world seems to be dragging them into their world and problems. After killing an infected vampire, Misha, the hot master vampire, asked for Celia's help in looking for the one infecting his family before the Vampire court could pass judgement on him and his family. Celia and her sisters are in for more trouble than they thought when they tried to help. Infected vampires are increasing in numbers and they don't know the source or who is the culprit behind it. With the help of the local wolf pack, Celia and her sisters need to save their new home. However, Celia also needs to fight or surrender herself to the, also, hot local alpha, Aric.

What I love about this book is that there is some sort of uniqueness to it, like the powers. Celia is a tigress, a shapeshifter & a teleporter. Taran is an elemental witch, but only lightning and fire. Shayna is a kick ass warrior that could shift or change wood and metal to weapons. Emme is a healer and has telekinesis. My favorite so far is Shayna because of her super awesome and handy powers.

What's really sad about the novella is that the author portrayed all 3 of the sisters, Shayna, Taran & Emma, as super weak girls who cling to their sister but that is so not the case in this book. All 4 of them are pretty kick-ass. They are so not weak and clingy to their sister. (This was what made me hate the novella) They are perfectly independent (well independent enough) that they could stand on their own feet.

However, what's really weird here is the sudden attraction of Aric and Celia, as well as the other wolves with the other sisters. Well, I think I totally get the tigress and wolf attraction thing (which is still weird because wolves are dogs and tigers are cats, but I'll just go with it) but it's just way to fast for my taste. I wished there were more great scenes for them to actually like each other and I'm still super pro Misha! (though I still like Aric, but werewolf just can't compete with the super hot vampire -^.^-)
The 2 guys are just so protective and cute. I love it when they are trying to compete with each other to get Celia's attention.

This is seriously a great read. There were no boring moments at all. I actually thought that a few scenes were climaxes but they weren't. You couldn't stop reading this book even if your life depends on it. I sure want more action and secrets to unfold. I just can't wait for the next book. :)

PS: you can not read the novella because it doesn't have a connection to the 1st book at all and the 2 hot guys weren't there. You'll just get pissed off by how bad it was actually constructed. Though, I've been wondering who was in Celia's dream. -^.^- (I put my money on Aric)

Rating: 5/5

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