Saturday, August 31, 2013

Review: Protecting Truth by Michelle Warren

Title: Protecting Truth
Author: Michelle Warren
Series: Seraphina Parrish Trilogy book 2
Genre: YA, Supernatural, Boarding-school

There is just so much twist in this book.

This book is all about Sera trying to save her mom from the Underground. She has a plan in mind wherein she would go by herself and try to save her mother (again). During her search for her mom, she actually discovered more about herself, and everything about her life in the Wandering society. Secrets unfolds leaving Sera doubtful about the life she currently has.

I never expected this book to be a rebellion to a certain society or government, like most dystopians. I don't really like it that that is the approach that the author wants for her story. Everyone is being manipulated and no one can do anything about it except for the heroine. I'm guessing that there would be a rebellion or war but I'm a bit doubtful of that beacause I don’t think the author can reach that level yet, wherein the events would be cool and satisfying. (Suzanne Collins, writer of Hunger Games, couldn't even manage that one, making her last book a suckish one.) Though, I compliment the author for somehow tying everything up, in most of them anyway.

Like what I said in the 1st part, there are so much twists in this story that you just wouldn't expect. Well, most of them are quite intriguing and interesting but some are just plain weird. The bad part about this is that the author didn't really prolong the mystery. It's like most of what she unravelled here ended here. She should have prolonged it to make it more interesting (like Turner).

Now, let's go to the guy problem. Bishop is a stupid hero. You call him a Protector considering how weak he actually is. Seriously, the other Protector is way better than him. Also, he is sinful for a hero! (I don’t wanna elaborate on this because I don't wanna spoil the good parts) He should not be forgiven for his actions, most especially by Sera. He doesn't have the right to be jealous or angry at anything because he is a freaking asshole, for what he did. (Most especially to Turner. Yes, I'm pro Turner.) Another is, WHY IS THIS GUY SO FREAKING CORNY!!! "My Seraphina", God that is just plain horrible. I so wanna shoot him for that. Who says that?

Next, is about Sera. The weird thing about this is that you can't be an expert by just practicing for one summer. (Seriously, what does the school teach the Protectors, if the Wanderers can out fight them by practicing for one summer) I don’t know why they made Sera too good.

Lastly, I so love Turner in this book. However, sadly, the author can't give me the fun of seeing this character. (You'll know soon enough)

I'm going to start on the 3rd book as soon as I get a copy of it. Not that good of a series but good enough to leave you wanting more.

Rating: 4/5

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