Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Review on The Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

Title: The Wedding Night
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Series: N/A
Genre: YA, Chick-lit

Seriously this book isn't what I expected.

Lottie goes off with Ben, her ex, to get married after "breaking" up with Richard, her current/past boyfriend. They went on a honeymoon in Greece, where she and Ben met. Fliss, Lottie's sister tries to sabotage their wedding night to save Lottie from her "break up mistakes". Everything went hay-wire as the story goes on. Fliss fell in love with Lorcan, Ben's best friend and best man, and they both ended up solving their divorce baggage. Lottie and Ben realize that they are not for each other. They are both having their own, midlife crisis, Ben with his dad dying and suddenly taking control of his company and inheritance and Lottie, with her break up. Realization struck. (I think you get the picture of what happens next) Lottie and Richard are together. Lorcan left the company. Lottie lets go of Daniel, her ex-husband. And Ben? Well, still Ben. (or not :P)

What is so unexpected in this book is that, I thought Ben was really going to end up with Lottie (like the signature of Sophie Kinsella, hot guy, rich and there when the damsel needs saving) I didn't know that Lottie is going to be back with Richard, who is not the typical rich, hot guy. (Way to go Sophie ^.^ ) Richard was a really sweet guy so I was somehow worried about him not getting a happy ending but he manages to save his relationship in the end. (the sad part there is, why is Lottie the one who proposed and not Richard???!!! I thought he learned his lesson and he can't live without her. Seriously this guy doesn't have much backbone if you ask me)

In the start, the story was going all the way up then suddenly everything crashes down. All the lying, mistakes & problems appear. Then suddenly, every problem just smoothen out on it's own. (Seriously it just did. Everybody seems to drop everything they are doing and just let themselves be carried by the wind. Well, except Richard.)

There are actually 2 narrators in this book, Lottie and Fliss. The truth is, this book is more of a realization of Fliss than Lottie's. We all know that Lottie will have a realization or something after but I didn't expect Fliss to have one. That is actually the tricky part in this book. The story is revolving around Lottie but truth, it affected Fliss more than Lottie. (though I like Lottie's narration, more than Fliss')

This is a new read for me. I love how Sophie wrote this book. She didn't make me hate Lottie because of her stupidity, even though she made a stupid decision. (Yep, I loathe stupid heroines) I loved the twist as well, not your typical Sophie book. Though, there is still her signature cute/funny romance. (This is what I love about Sophie nothing too hard, just sweet cute funny romance)

Can't wait for more Sophie Kinsella books.

Rating: 4/5

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