Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review: Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney

Title: The Mockingbirds
Author: Daisy Whitney
Series: The Mockingbirds series book 1
Genre: YA, Boarding-school, Drama

I wanna thank Daisy Whitney for giving me an autographed copy of this book.

I think this book is quite inspiring. The book is all about Alex, a junior in Themis Academy, being date-rape (just learned this word combination) by Carter, also a student in Themis. At first, Alex was in complete denial and full of embarrassment & fear. (I think this is how most raped people act/ Well for movies these are the cases) However, she fought back. She doesn't want to let that fear and injustice rule her life so she sought out the Mockingbirds, their, somehow, student police. Alex, with the help of her friends, went through a trial that will try to prove Carter guilty of assault.

What makes this book inspiring is that, Daisy Whitney wrote that she was also a victim of date-rape. Like Alex, she voiced out her rights and was heard by a lot of people, giving name to the female population. I so agree with this because I'm a bit of a feminist. (Just because guys are stronger and can't get pregnant doesn't mean that they could do this to any girl they see or want. They ruin the lives of these girls by getting them pregnant and by giving them emotional problems & fears.)

This book is really great, I think it has potential to be in my "mind-blowing-books-5-stars" shelf if some of the ideas are not too bizarre. (Like what Daisy said, she made up most of the scenarios, she just based it on her experience)

Firstly, I wanna criticizes the actual school, Themis Academy. The school is quite bizarre. It's like a superhero school without the actual super powers. It's a school for the "gifted" (where have I heard that before?) Rather than super powers, they have incredible skills that are quite unique for each individual, being the best pianist, violinist, debater, soccer player, scientist, etc. They are all horded up in one single school. (That is just insane) Furthermore, the Mockingbirds are the actual "super heroes" of the school. It's like student council turned to detective, investigator & police team. (What the F? Our student council doesn't do anything) Also, there is the point system, where in you get points for free time and food.(That is just so wacko.) I mean for pit-sake they are "HIGH SCHOOL" students not grade school. If there are students who drink illegally, I don't think anyone would think following the point system is something cool. (This is just an off hand scenario that is completely preposterous)

Second, I wanna comment on how Alex imagines things. I mean yes, you are panicking for being a rape victim but her imaginations are just so off, like the "knock-out/ boxer", "chat with musicians", "time bombs", etc. I don't know if the author wants the readers to laugh or what but those parts are just wrong. (good thing they gradually lessen by the end of the book)

Third, (I don't know if I'm wrong or what but) how does she not know when she lost her virginity, like seriously. Ya I know she is drunk and everything, but there was suppose to be blood or something to lose your virginity. I mean anything! A sign or what. (OK, I'm not going to elaborate on this anymore and I don't mean offense to anything.)

Last, I don't know about you but isn't "taking away what you love" a little too childish for a punishment. (I mean what are you 5? No play time for you.) Your charged guilty of rape and that's what you get, no more playing sports? Compared to that I pity the people being sent to jail now. (Actually no, but you get the point)

However, summing it up, it's a book worth reading. I was somehow bummed out by this book but by the time Martin came in, it became interesting. (I'm not really into rape stories but this is a good book. And yes, you need a cute guy to make a story more interesting.)

This book is really inspiring and I believe what Daisy Whitney wrote in my book that "Taking a stand is cool" (you go girl!!!). I can't wait to read the next book, which Daisy so nicely gave me a copy as well.

PS: What kind of name is Sandeep. It's like Sand-eep. Seriously?

Rating: 4.5/5

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