Friday, August 30, 2013

Review: Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Title: Insurgent
Author: Veronica Roth
Series: Divergent series book 2
Genre: YA, Dystopian

This book is all about the war that just started. Tris and her little group is running around different factions to seek refuge. Through that, she learned a lot about the plans of the Erudite. Tris needs to choose between her parents' legacy and the world or the people she loves.

I think that this book is not as good as Divergent. First of all, the perfect relationship crumbled (typical). Four (who is freaking hard headed in this book) keeps on arguing and fighting with Tris. He is such a possessive guy. I mean can't you let the girl breath for a few minutes. Also, she is hurt, can't you at least help her or something. (your her boyfriend, for crying out loud) Seriously, I think Tris is the only one thinking in this book. I'm actually super pro Tris because she uses her freaking head! She is the only one who tries to save everything and willingly risks herself. I don't think that she is actually in a suicide mission, as Four said. He is just freaking protective of her. I know Four isn't Erudite but can't he think a little?

Second, I think the book dragged on too much. Although, I liked that it's all about the struggle of Tris. (Mostly during the time she was in Erudite. That was the Climax for me!) I love it when the heroine gets hurt or gets tortured (I know I'm a bit sadistic in that way) because it's freaking awesome. My friend told me that Tris is quite irritating in this book but I disagree. I think it's quite normal for Tris to act the way she is, after losing all those people and being sheltered from war. Also, she thinks and makes good decisions unlike other heroines. (I know my bias is showing but I think Tris is one of the best heroines ever. She is not freaking irritating. Even if she is too perfect: smart, brave, and selfless)

Although, I don't really like where the war is heading to (which is a bit cliche) but I'm so looking forward to the last book. I wanna see more of Tris and Four.

**I don't know why I can't write a longer review for this series but I just can't keep all the stuff happening in my head.**

Rating: 5/5

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