Thursday, August 29, 2013

Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost: A MUST READ

I just wanna share this book or series with you guys because it's totally awesome ^.^v. This is my favorite read this year (other than Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh, which is also full of swoon worthy guys -^.^-). I'm rereading the series again. I'm currently on book 4 :)

Don't let the cover deceive you. >:) While I was looking for a new urban fantasy to read, I went through this one because of the weird cover. Good thing I gave the book a try because it's just that freaking awesome.

Here is a synopsis:
Cat, a half vampire and half human, stalks the night to kill vampires that ruined her mother's life. She goes to clubs to pick up some vampire and kill them off. This is her normal routine. However, when she met Bones, everything didn't go according to plan. Bones isn't just any vampire. After being caught, Bones offered a deal with Cat to work as her partner, provided that he will train her. Cat, choosing between death or the deal, became his partner. However, it seems that killing vampires isn't the only thing that would tie her up with Bones...

You can continue reading my review on: but I think I'm going to change or update that review once I get a hold of the actual book :) YES! I'M REPEATING EVERYTHING AGAIN!

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