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Review: Protecting Truth by Michelle Warren

Title: Protecting Truth
Author: Michelle Warren
Series: Seraphina Parrish Trilogy book 2
Genre: YA, Supernatural, Boarding-school

There is just so much twist in this book.

This book is all about Sera trying to save her mom from the Underground. She has a plan in mind wherein she would go by herself and try to save her mother (again). During her search for her mom, she actually discovered more about herself, and everything about her life in the Wandering society. Secrets unfolds leaving Sera doubtful about the life she currently has.

I never expected this book to be a rebellion to a certain society or government, like most dystopians. I don't really like it that that is the approach that the author wants for her story. Everyone is being manipulated and no one can do anything about it except for the heroine. I'm guessing that there would be a rebellion or war but I'm a bit doubtful of that beacause I don’t think the author can reach that level yet, wherein the events would be cool and satisfying. (Suzanne Collins, writer of Hunger Games, couldn't even manage that one, making her last book a suckish one.) Though, I compliment the author for somehow tying everything up, in most of them anyway.

Like what I said in the 1st part, there are so much twists in this story that you just wouldn't expect. Well, most of them are quite intriguing and interesting but some are just plain weird. The bad part about this is that the author didn't really prolong the mystery. It's like most of what she unravelled here ended here. She should have prolonged it to make it more interesting (like Turner).

Now, let's go to the guy problem. Bishop is a stupid hero. You call him a Protector considering how weak he actually is. Seriously, the other Protector is way better than him. Also, he is sinful for a hero! (I don’t wanna elaborate on this because I don't wanna spoil the good parts) He should not be forgiven for his actions, most especially by Sera. He doesn't have the right to be jealous or angry at anything because he is a freaking asshole, for what he did. (Most especially to Turner. Yes, I'm pro Turner.) Another is, WHY IS THIS GUY SO FREAKING CORNY!!! "My Seraphina", God that is just plain horrible. I so wanna shoot him for that. Who says that?

Next, is about Sera. The weird thing about this is that you can't be an expert by just practicing for one summer. (Seriously, what does the school teach the Protectors, if the Wanderers can out fight them by practicing for one summer) I don’t know why they made Sera too good.

Lastly, I so love Turner in this book. However, sadly, the author can't give me the fun of seeing this character. (You'll know soon enough)

I'm going to start on the 3rd book as soon as I get a copy of it. Not that good of a series but good enough to leave you wanting more.

Rating: 4/5

Review: Wander Dust by Michelle Warren

Title: Wander Dust
Author: Michelle Warren
Series: Seraphina Parrish Trilogy book 1
Genre: YA, Supernatural, Boarding-school

My friend recommended this book and I just downloaded it from Amazon and started reading it.

This book is about Sera, a wanderer, trying to find her mother through her bracelet. She jumps from one past to the other to look for relics that would bring her closer to her dead mother. However, there is a gang after her and Sera doesn't know who they are and why they are after her.

So I started reading this book without any idea what so ever. At first, I thought it's a faerie book because of the fire scene but sadly it isn't. (though I don't like faerie themed books that much) These people have the power to time travel. Seriously, I love traveling and history and all but what kind of a lame power is that. What do you do with it? (seriously) That is disappointing. The author didn't even try to establish the importance of their powers. I mean you could at least tell the readers the importance of it. Next are the Protectors. They are freaking weak and useless. Don't they bring weapons or something knowing that an evil gang is actually trying to kill you guys? How stupid could you get? Fight and think with your fists. What is this a street fight? Next are the Seers. They somehow suck too. They only see what is inside the relic. Can't they do something more? They are a bunch of weaklings.

I'm so disappointed with this book. The story wasn't put together well. There are a lot of weird things in it. The character doesn't even know much about her power and then she went hero in a few pages. How bizarre is that. She could have stayed longer and try to explain to the readers more about their world. It was also so predictable that the guy is not dating the other girl but is really in love with Sera and that by the end everything will clear out and they end up being together. (so cliche)

Also, I didn't even feel that I've already reached the climax. I only knew about it when I checked the page I'm in. I wasn't captured by the climax at all.

There will be no favorite quotes here but only the worst quotes ever.
- "If I had to lead me to my deepest desire, I know it would always be a direct path to you."
- "Being able to start it with my Seraphina, my angel from the painting"
These are one of the cheesiest / corniest line I've ever read.

This book isn't that great but I sure hope I get the chance to read the sequel.

PS: Sorry for the multiple negative comments. I think I'm cooling off some steam

Rating: 3/5

Friday, August 30, 2013

Review: Free Four: Tobias Tells the Story by Veronica Roth

Title: Free Four: Tobias Tells the Story 
Author: Veronica Roth
Series: Divergent series book 1.5
Genre: YA, Dystopian

This is just a short segment about Four's thoughts during the knife throwing training.

It's really cute how Four thinks. He's so nice and he's head over heels for Tris. I never knew those stuff about Eric as well and that he was already catching on about the relationship.



Rating: 5/5

Review: Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Title: Insurgent
Author: Veronica Roth
Series: Divergent series book 2
Genre: YA, Dystopian

This book is all about the war that just started. Tris and her little group is running around different factions to seek refuge. Through that, she learned a lot about the plans of the Erudite. Tris needs to choose between her parents' legacy and the world or the people she loves.

I think that this book is not as good as Divergent. First of all, the perfect relationship crumbled (typical). Four (who is freaking hard headed in this book) keeps on arguing and fighting with Tris. He is such a possessive guy. I mean can't you let the girl breath for a few minutes. Also, she is hurt, can't you at least help her or something. (your her boyfriend, for crying out loud) Seriously, I think Tris is the only one thinking in this book. I'm actually super pro Tris because she uses her freaking head! She is the only one who tries to save everything and willingly risks herself. I don't think that she is actually in a suicide mission, as Four said. He is just freaking protective of her. I know Four isn't Erudite but can't he think a little?

Second, I think the book dragged on too much. Although, I liked that it's all about the struggle of Tris. (Mostly during the time she was in Erudite. That was the Climax for me!) I love it when the heroine gets hurt or gets tortured (I know I'm a bit sadistic in that way) because it's freaking awesome. My friend told me that Tris is quite irritating in this book but I disagree. I think it's quite normal for Tris to act the way she is, after losing all those people and being sheltered from war. Also, she thinks and makes good decisions unlike other heroines. (I know my bias is showing but I think Tris is one of the best heroines ever. She is not freaking irritating. Even if she is too perfect: smart, brave, and selfless)

Although, I don't really like where the war is heading to (which is a bit cliche) but I'm so looking forward to the last book. I wanna see more of Tris and Four.

**I don't know why I can't write a longer review for this series but I just can't keep all the stuff happening in my head.**

Rating: 5/5

Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth

Title: Divergent
Author: Veronica Roth
Series: Divergent series book 1
Genre: YA, Dystopian

I first wanna say that this book is FREAKING AWESOME!

The book is all about Beatrice or Tris, being given the choice of changing her life or not. Tris and every 16 year old need to take a test in order to know where they belong: Amity (the peaceful), Dauntless (the insanely brave), Erudite (the smart ones), Candor (the honest) & Abnegation (the selfless). She chose to be a Dauntless because she never seems to belong in Abnegation, leaving her family behind. However, before being truly part of the faction, Tris needs to pass the initiation, testing her physically, emotionally & mentally. She struggled with the tests and new life but she found friends and a cute instructor, Four (sorry but I don't like the name Tobias) in her new home. However, as she adjusts to her new home, she is still not safe. Tris needs to keep quiet about what she truly is, a Divergent, a person with multiple traits, because they would kill her if anyone finds out. Other than that, something is stirring up in the Erudite that might bring their peaceful world to an end.

At first, I was so reluctant to read this book because they said that it's like Hunger Games. THAT IS NOT TRUE! I never expected this book to be so awesome and I'm so happy that I gave it a shot. (I'm having a hard time looking for books that are this good)

I love this book because everything is well written. Every event and scene is thrilling and organized. You won't be able to stop reading because of it. The story is consistent all through out the book. Though the last part was a little bit too fast for me (with everything that happened) but it was fine. Even the characters were all great and consistent. What I can really say about this book is that the heroine is awesome and super lovable (unlike Katniss in Hunger Games - if your going to compare it). Tris is so clear headed all the time and clear about what she wants, totally not annoying at all. Also, I like it that Tris is realistic, not like your usual heroine or hero that has hero blood flowing all over their freaking bodies. The character change was super nice too, from a weak girl to a strong witty one.

Of course you can't forget Four in this book! The cute, caring, charming instructor. I so love this guy. The love story wasn't instantaneous, like other books. (for one minute they pretend each other doesn't exist then the next thing you know, they are kissing each other -.-) The romance is so mellow and cute that you wanna know what happens next -^.^-

This is a really GOOD READ. I can't wait to start reading Insurgent.


Rating: 6/5

Review: Sealed with a Curse by Cecy Robson

Title: Sealed with a Curse
Author: Cecy Robson
Series: Weird Girls series book 1
Genre: Urban fantasy (Demons, Witches, Weres, Vampires)

I love this book. It was a good decision not to drop it because of the suckish novella.

The book is mainly about four sisters, who have unique powers that was bestowed to them by a curse. After living a hard life, as outcast both to the human and supernatural world, they finally settled down in the town of Tahoe. However, no matter how much they avoid it, the supernatural world seems to be dragging them into their world and problems. After killing an infected vampire, Misha, the hot master vampire, asked for Celia's help in looking for the one infecting his family before the Vampire court could pass judgement on him and his family. Celia and her sisters are in for more trouble than they thought when they tried to help. Infected vampires are increasing in numbers and they don't know the source or who is the culprit behind it. With the help of the local wolf pack, Celia and her sisters need to save their new home. However, Celia also needs to fight or surrender herself to the, also, hot local alpha, Aric.

What I love about this book is that there is some sort of uniqueness to it, like the powers. Celia is a tigress, a shapeshifter & a teleporter. Taran is an elemental witch, but only lightning and fire. Shayna is a kick ass warrior that could shift or change wood and metal to weapons. Emme is a healer and has telekinesis. My favorite so far is Shayna because of her super awesome and handy powers.

What's really sad about the novella is that the author portrayed all 3 of the sisters, Shayna, Taran & Emma, as super weak girls who cling to their sister but that is so not the case in this book. All 4 of them are pretty kick-ass. They are so not weak and clingy to their sister. (This was what made me hate the novella) They are perfectly independent (well independent enough) that they could stand on their own feet.

However, what's really weird here is the sudden attraction of Aric and Celia, as well as the other wolves with the other sisters. Well, I think I totally get the tigress and wolf attraction thing (which is still weird because wolves are dogs and tigers are cats, but I'll just go with it) but it's just way to fast for my taste. I wished there were more great scenes for them to actually like each other and I'm still super pro Misha! (though I still like Aric, but werewolf just can't compete with the super hot vampire -^.^-)
The 2 guys are just so protective and cute. I love it when they are trying to compete with each other to get Celia's attention.

This is seriously a great read. There were no boring moments at all. I actually thought that a few scenes were climaxes but they weren't. You couldn't stop reading this book even if your life depends on it. I sure want more action and secrets to unfold. I just can't wait for the next book. :)

PS: you can not read the novella because it doesn't have a connection to the 1st book at all and the 2 hot guys weren't there. You'll just get pissed off by how bad it was actually constructed. Though, I've been wondering who was in Celia's dream. -^.^- (I put my money on Aric)

Rating: 5/5

Review: The Rivals by Daisy Whitney

Title: The Rivals
Author: Daisy Whitney
Series: The Mockingbirds series book 2
Genre: YA, Boarding-school

Once again, thank you to Daisy Whitney for giving me a copy of her book.

This book is all about a drug-dealing case that the Mockingbirds, of Themis Academy, is taking up. They went to a lot of loops and dead-ends to find the real ringmaster. However, this case is actually more troublesome for the Mockingbirds than what it seems like. A "rival" has entered Themis Academy to try and bring the Mockingbirds down. It is up to Alex, the new leader of the Mockingbirds, to solve this new case.

I was somehow bored w/ this book, well for the first few parts, but by the time I started reading it again (maybe a few hundred pages after), I was so hooked up to it that I don't wanna put the book down. The mystery of the ringmaster is so engrossing that you just want to know who is behind all the trouble. There were so many suspects that you don't know which one is it. This booked captured my every emotion: I was angry for the school not doing anything to help the students, I pity Alex for the stress and pressure she is under, I was pissed off by Alex's stupid or foolish actions in the start, etc.

What made this book great is that, you would never expect who the real culprit is. The book leaves you guessing and guessing. The culprits were so unexpected. The planning was clean and smooth that there were no loop holes to actually clue you in on the real culprits (maybe it's because it's a first person point of view and Alex is a bit dense to start with). There are also incidents that you wouldn't expect, like a tiny drop of morbid to go with the high school bullying thing. (I so love it!)

I loved how the character progressed and changed in this series, from a silent, scared, anonymous girl to a great, brave, resourceful leader. I love how Alex slowly came out of her shell and stood up for herself (mostly the last parts: the pranks and confrontations. I loved those! They're the Best!)

The only down side to this book is that the author ended it way to early. Alex didn't even get to finish her revenge. (I wanna see that because those are the best parts!) Also, I wanna know how Alex and her new team managed to create and fix everything up.

It's actually sad to be apart from this book, but the trip ends here and I did enjoy this series. I'll miss Martin and Jones >.<

Favorite quote:
"I am a Mockingbird, and I will not look the other way, and I will definitely not go quietly."

Rating: 5/5

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Review: Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney

Title: The Mockingbirds
Author: Daisy Whitney
Series: The Mockingbirds series book 1
Genre: YA, Boarding-school, Drama

I wanna thank Daisy Whitney for giving me an autographed copy of this book.

I think this book is quite inspiring. The book is all about Alex, a junior in Themis Academy, being date-rape (just learned this word combination) by Carter, also a student in Themis. At first, Alex was in complete denial and full of embarrassment & fear. (I think this is how most raped people act/ Well for movies these are the cases) However, she fought back. She doesn't want to let that fear and injustice rule her life so she sought out the Mockingbirds, their, somehow, student police. Alex, with the help of her friends, went through a trial that will try to prove Carter guilty of assault.

What makes this book inspiring is that, Daisy Whitney wrote that she was also a victim of date-rape. Like Alex, she voiced out her rights and was heard by a lot of people, giving name to the female population. I so agree with this because I'm a bit of a feminist. (Just because guys are stronger and can't get pregnant doesn't mean that they could do this to any girl they see or want. They ruin the lives of these girls by getting them pregnant and by giving them emotional problems & fears.)

This book is really great, I think it has potential to be in my "mind-blowing-books-5-stars" shelf if some of the ideas are not too bizarre. (Like what Daisy said, she made up most of the scenarios, she just based it on her experience)

Firstly, I wanna criticizes the actual school, Themis Academy. The school is quite bizarre. It's like a superhero school without the actual super powers. It's a school for the "gifted" (where have I heard that before?) Rather than super powers, they have incredible skills that are quite unique for each individual, being the best pianist, violinist, debater, soccer player, scientist, etc. They are all horded up in one single school. (That is just insane) Furthermore, the Mockingbirds are the actual "super heroes" of the school. It's like student council turned to detective, investigator & police team. (What the F? Our student council doesn't do anything) Also, there is the point system, where in you get points for free time and food.(That is just so wacko.) I mean for pit-sake they are "HIGH SCHOOL" students not grade school. If there are students who drink illegally, I don't think anyone would think following the point system is something cool. (This is just an off hand scenario that is completely preposterous)

Second, I wanna comment on how Alex imagines things. I mean yes, you are panicking for being a rape victim but her imaginations are just so off, like the "knock-out/ boxer", "chat with musicians", "time bombs", etc. I don't know if the author wants the readers to laugh or what but those parts are just wrong. (good thing they gradually lessen by the end of the book)

Third, (I don't know if I'm wrong or what but) how does she not know when she lost her virginity, like seriously. Ya I know she is drunk and everything, but there was suppose to be blood or something to lose your virginity. I mean anything! A sign or what. (OK, I'm not going to elaborate on this anymore and I don't mean offense to anything.)

Last, I don't know about you but isn't "taking away what you love" a little too childish for a punishment. (I mean what are you 5? No play time for you.) Your charged guilty of rape and that's what you get, no more playing sports? Compared to that I pity the people being sent to jail now. (Actually no, but you get the point)

However, summing it up, it's a book worth reading. I was somehow bummed out by this book but by the time Martin came in, it became interesting. (I'm not really into rape stories but this is a good book. And yes, you need a cute guy to make a story more interesting.)

This book is really inspiring and I believe what Daisy Whitney wrote in my book that "Taking a stand is cool" (you go girl!!!). I can't wait to read the next book, which Daisy so nicely gave me a copy as well.

PS: What kind of name is Sandeep. It's like Sand-eep. Seriously?

Rating: 4.5/5

Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost: A MUST READ

I just wanna share this book or series with you guys because it's totally awesome ^.^v. This is my favorite read this year (other than Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh, which is also full of swoon worthy guys -^.^-). I'm rereading the series again. I'm currently on book 4 :)

Don't let the cover deceive you. >:) While I was looking for a new urban fantasy to read, I went through this one because of the weird cover. Good thing I gave the book a try because it's just that freaking awesome.

Here is a synopsis:
Cat, a half vampire and half human, stalks the night to kill vampires that ruined her mother's life. She goes to clubs to pick up some vampire and kill them off. This is her normal routine. However, when she met Bones, everything didn't go according to plan. Bones isn't just any vampire. After being caught, Bones offered a deal with Cat to work as her partner, provided that he will train her. Cat, choosing between death or the deal, became his partner. However, it seems that killing vampires isn't the only thing that would tie her up with Bones...

You can continue reading my review on: but I think I'm going to change or update that review once I get a hold of the actual book :) YES! I'M REPEATING EVERYTHING AGAIN!

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Review on The Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

Title: The Wedding Night
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Series: N/A
Genre: YA, Chick-lit

Seriously this book isn't what I expected.

Lottie goes off with Ben, her ex, to get married after "breaking" up with Richard, her current/past boyfriend. They went on a honeymoon in Greece, where she and Ben met. Fliss, Lottie's sister tries to sabotage their wedding night to save Lottie from her "break up mistakes". Everything went hay-wire as the story goes on. Fliss fell in love with Lorcan, Ben's best friend and best man, and they both ended up solving their divorce baggage. Lottie and Ben realize that they are not for each other. They are both having their own, midlife crisis, Ben with his dad dying and suddenly taking control of his company and inheritance and Lottie, with her break up. Realization struck. (I think you get the picture of what happens next) Lottie and Richard are together. Lorcan left the company. Lottie lets go of Daniel, her ex-husband. And Ben? Well, still Ben. (or not :P)

What is so unexpected in this book is that, I thought Ben was really going to end up with Lottie (like the signature of Sophie Kinsella, hot guy, rich and there when the damsel needs saving) I didn't know that Lottie is going to be back with Richard, who is not the typical rich, hot guy. (Way to go Sophie ^.^ ) Richard was a really sweet guy so I was somehow worried about him not getting a happy ending but he manages to save his relationship in the end. (the sad part there is, why is Lottie the one who proposed and not Richard???!!! I thought he learned his lesson and he can't live without her. Seriously this guy doesn't have much backbone if you ask me)

In the start, the story was going all the way up then suddenly everything crashes down. All the lying, mistakes & problems appear. Then suddenly, every problem just smoothen out on it's own. (Seriously it just did. Everybody seems to drop everything they are doing and just let themselves be carried by the wind. Well, except Richard.)

There are actually 2 narrators in this book, Lottie and Fliss. The truth is, this book is more of a realization of Fliss than Lottie's. We all know that Lottie will have a realization or something after but I didn't expect Fliss to have one. That is actually the tricky part in this book. The story is revolving around Lottie but truth, it affected Fliss more than Lottie. (though I like Lottie's narration, more than Fliss')

This is a new read for me. I love how Sophie wrote this book. She didn't make me hate Lottie because of her stupidity, even though she made a stupid decision. (Yep, I loathe stupid heroines) I loved the twist as well, not your typical Sophie book. Though, there is still her signature cute/funny romance. (This is what I love about Sophie nothing too hard, just sweet cute funny romance)

Can't wait for more Sophie Kinsella books.

Rating: 4/5

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